Voss Datacrons

Purple Mastery Datacron +4

Coordinates X -38 Y 366

This one is rather simple and quick, start your travels from The Old Paths. This is in the middle of the map and slightly off to the west, once you are at the bottom of the hill shown in the coordinates below, follow it up. Once you get to the top you will notice an extruding passage between the rocks to the left. Follow this new path and stop just at a gathering of raised rocks, leading a platform upwards. 

At the very top will be the entrance to a cave, enter and follow it until the very end. Open exiting the cave you will notice the Datacron off to the right, sitting in the middle of 7 ancient pillars.

Follow The Hill
The Old Paths
Coordinates (Map)
X -703 Y 295
Extruding Passage To The Left
Coordinates (Map)
X -461 Y 439
Up The Rock Platform
Coordinates (Map)
X -447 Y 194
Climb Towards The Cave Entrance
Enter The Cave
Clearing Beyond The Cave
Purple Mastery Datacron +4

Presence Datacron +4

Coordinates X 1961 Y -922

Taking our journey east now we will head into the Nightmare Lands, the Datacron will be found inside the Spirit World. The stone leading to the Spirit Lands is found in the far north east of the Nightmare Lands, across the river. Activate the stone to enter the yellow tinted world. The Datacron is sitting on a circular stone floor, found in the middle of the cave.

Shrine To The Spirit World
Coordinates (Map)
X 1961 Y -922
Presence Datacron +4
Spirit World

Endurance Datacron +4

Coordinates X -1947 Y -2235

Note: Completing the Quest The Trial (Republic) or The Gormak Problem (Empire) will allow you to activate the Healing Shrine, you will need to complete this quest first.

Across to the North West of Voss is the Shrine of Healing, this Datacron will take us deep inside the shrine. Once we enter into the main chamber follow the giant staircase downwards and to the very back corner of the next room. Here tucked away in the right corner will be a Healing Shrine. We will need to activate this in order to collect the Datacron that we passed. Finally, return to the Datacron.

Shrine of Healing
The Old Paths
Coordinates (Map)
X -1952 Y -1621
Healing Shrine
Shrine of Healing
Coordinates (Map)
X -1920 Y -2304
Endurance Datacron +4
Shrine of Healing
Prerequisite Quest Giver
The Trials (Republic)
or The Pilgrims Retreat (Empire)

Red Mastery Datacron +4

Coordinates X 650 Y 2055

Going far south now we will travel into the Gormak Lands, traditionally we would follow the path up to the Datcron. Instead we are simply going to climb the rocks in the corner, it is very easy to get up here and much quicker. The Datacron is across the field above.

Climb The Rocks
Coordinates (Map)
X 696 Y 1889
Up The Indent
Across To The Right And Up
Red Mastery Datacron +4
The Gormak Lands
Coordinates (Map)
X 650 Y 2055

Orange Mastery Datacron +4

Coordinates X 515 Y 177

Once again we will travel back to the Nightmare Lands, from the first image below we will enter into the Heroic area, the Bone Yards. At the very back of the area will be a crashed ship, lying next to it on the far side will be a Fallen Trooper. Click the Trooper. Once done, just off to the left side of the ship will be a circular stone ring with a button. Activate the button to deactivate the red force field. The platform inside will raise, revealing the Datacron at the very bottom

Access To Bone Yards
Coordinates (Map)
X 841 Y 296
Fallen Trooper
Heroic Area - Bone Yards
Coordinates (Map)
X 430 Y 200
The Button
Orange Mastery Datacron +4

The Bone Yards