Unmarked Locations

Scattered across the surface of Ossus are a number of hidden unmarked locations, rich with their own unique detail, lore and treasures. This guide is cataloguing all unmarked locations of interest across Ossus, this categorises as locations that allow the player to interact with an object or part of the world in a specific and unique way. An example of this is unmarked lore, treasure chests and Ancient Tablets

Unmarked Location #1 - Lore Entry

Coordinates X 932 Y 493 Ossus Canyons

Located along the cliff and just inside a little cave opening in the rocks, the lore entry is a book and can be found sitting inside the cave, just near a shovel and coil of rope.

Unmarked Location #2 - Ancient Tablet 1 (Purpose Unknown)

Coordinates X 235 Y -208 Ossus Farms

Inside a little cave entrance just near the outcrop on Ossus farms is an Ancient Stone Tablet. The purpose and use of this is not yet known, however clicking on the object will result in a flash and a sound effect.

Unmarked Location #3 - Treasure Chest

Coordinates X 533 Y 359

This one is a little difficult to find, like the above it starts with a cave entrance. The beginning of the cave is just to the right of the waterfalls, inside you will find a Treasure Chest.

Unmarked Location #4 - Treasure Chest

Coordinates X 850 Y 500 

Found in Ossus Canyons, this is just down the surface of a cliff. Located on the right side of some ancient ruins.

Unmarked Location #5 - Treasure Chest

Coordinates X 1048 Y -583

Hidden between the back of some ancient Jedi ruins and a cliff edge is a cave entrance, upon jumping half way up the cliff you will be able to head inside. Here you will locate a Treasure Chest.

Unmarked Location #6 - Treasure chest

Coordinates X 898 Y -754

Sitting either on a small outcrop at the edge of the cliff or atop a rock is located a Treasure Chest, this is found to the right of the R8-X8 world boss in Ancient Ruins

Unmarked Location #7 - Grappling Hook

Coordinates X 1320 Y -440

Inside this cave found in Ancient Ruins is a dead Rodian named 'Crushed Explorer'. Upon clicking on the Rodian a Grappling Hook will be placed in your mission inventory, this is used to collect the Presence datacron.

Unmarked Location #8 - Treasure Chest

Coordinates X 1236 Y -496

Found close to the previous entry in the Ancient Ruins, this treasure chests sits neatly behind two barriers sticking out of the ground.

Unmarked Location #9 - Treasure Chest

Coordinates X 1231 Y -277

A large treasure chest, located in the Ancient Ruins. This can be found tucked into the far right side of the cliff.

Unmarked Location #10 - Hidden Phase

Coordinates X 1372 Y -370

This odd little phased area is hidden just a bit further to the right of the Grappling Hook cave, the odd thing about this is that no quest indicates this phased area as of yet. Upon gaining access to the phased area, done through jumping over the rocks around the side it teleports you to an already used cave. Located by a heroic across the map.

Unmarked Location #11 - Ancient Tablet

Coordinates X -724 Y -259

This is another mysterious Ancient stone tablet, as similar to the first it exhibits an effect and sound when clicked. This is a little hard to see due to the dark location that it sits in, hiding behind a pile of rubble in the Jedi Temple Ruins.

Unmarked Location #12 - Ancient Tablet

Coordinates X 760 Y -515

This tablet sits half way up a snowy mountain at the northern most part of the Ancient ruins, not including the world boss location which is the furthest outcrop. To access this you will have to carefully climb the mountain, the actual jumping is quite easy.

Unmarked Location #13 - Ancient Tablet

Coordinates X 183 Y 250

This is the last and final tablet that has been discovered so far, strangely however unlike all others this tablet isn't clickable. Perhaps after the others have been activated in a certain sequence will this one become active.

If you find any location of interest that you have located and isn't listed here please contact me, these are all unmarked locations I have discovered so far.