Ulgo Siegebreaker Alderaan

World Map
Coordinates X 254 Y -319Local Map
Location: Wardpost Hurne, Glarus Valley, Alderaan
Faction: Both
Level: 34
Health: 441,527
Enrage After: 8 Minutes
Primary Abilities: 
Fusion Missile
Guidance Laser
Rare Drop: Advanced White Resistance Crystal

  • 1 Tank, 2 Healers, 5 DPS
  • Level 50+ Character, 70 is Optimal
  • Atleast 6 players at the very least

Key Points(Summary):

  • Constant Movement
  • If targeted, lead the Fusion Missile Strike away from the group
  • Place Tank up against rock wall to minimise knockback
  • When Guidance Laser is active on a player, switch healing to control health
Located on Alderaan in the waters just south of the Republic Speeder Location, Wardpost Hurne. Ulgo Siegebreaker can be found wandering up and back in a straight line in the water, sticking towards the side of the waterfall. This World Boss introduces some new mechanics, unsimilar to the previous SD-0 on Coruscant. Requiring most of the group to be constantly moving around and dodging the incoming Guidance Laser. This is a channel ability, nothing in this fight is interrupt-able, nor can the effects be cleansed.

Guidance Laser: deals periodic internal damage, it is recommended for the healer to focus healing on the player/players with the internal damage.

Fusion Missile: Will be launched from the World Boss, it will be targeted on a specific player. An indicator for this is a red target marker that appears above the players head. When this occurs it is best to detach from the group and lead the Fusion Missile strike into an area not near the other players. 

Ulgo Siegebreaker will need to be defeated within the 8 minute time window, if this exceeds it will enter enrage mode and one shot each player. It is impossible to defeat from this stage. Finally the droid has a knock back, pushing all players in its vicinity away from it. A good strategy for defeating the droid is to have the tank stand up against a sheer rock cliff to the side of the water. This will minimise movement and help the Tank maintain aggro on the droid.