Trapjaw - Tatooine

World Map
Coordinates X -1735 Y -870Local Map
Location: The Dune Sea, Tatooine
Faction: Both
Level: 30
Health: 606,450
Enrage After: 8 Minutes
Primary Abilities: AOE Stun
Rare Drop: None
  • LVL 30+ (Recommended)
  • 1 Tank, 2 Healer, 2+ DPS
  • Defeat Within 8Min

Key Points(Summary):

  • Tank on the road
  • DPS Behind, Tank Infront of Trapjaw
  • Healer off to the distance
  • Defeat in 8 Minutes
Located on Tatooine, down the slopes from a Sand People Mystic camp is a skull. Surrounded by the bodies of Jawas. Upon clicking the skull the World Boss Trapjaw will spawn. The boss has a total HP of 606,450, it is recommended to have a group of at least 5 people, level 30+. However, the higher the player level the less people are needed for the fight. It is possible to kill with a minimum of 2 players, however they need to be level 70 with 242+ gear.

For the standard group, 1 Tank, 2 healers and 5 DPS. You will position your Tank on the road, just down from the skull. This will stop Trapjaw from glitching and disappearing into the ground. The DPS will stand behind Trapjaw in order to avoid it's frontal attacks. Finally you will want to position your healers a decent way off to the side. This will allow them to avoid his AOE Stun. Your main tank will want to continually taunt in order to keep aggro at the front and on the Tank.

Upon defeat Trapjaw will be down for 2 hours, travelling to other Instances can result in finding another skull in order to summon the boss. It's overall a very simple boss, it only has one ability that can catch you off guard, being it's AOE stun. You will want to kill it within 8 Minutes, if this time exceeds it will begin to 1 hit everyone.

- Assisted by Pericles8th