The Mysteries Beneath


The intercom lay silent, nothing but the gentle swaying of the ocean could be heard as the control room lay empty. Soft blue light dimly escaping the corners of the security monitor. A clock hung high upon the wall, ticking steadily for far too long. Awaiting a possibility that could never come. As similar as the control room, the submersible departures bay lay just as quiet and dead. Devoid of the typical Submersible prototype developed on Ahto city. The big light blue and white doors, sealed shut, for what could have been an eternity. The only window into the dark world beyond existing through tiny monitors and recorders. In declaration of high government on Manaan the doors would remain that way, indefinitely. A seemingly unlawful barrier, separating the Selkath inhabitants of Manaan from their deep sea origins. 

In times past a great mystery spread across the surface of Manaan, of a giant unknown predator. Lurking in the lowest depths of the ocean. Said to have a strange effect on the minds of any that got to close to it's depths. With time past these whispers of a giant beast grew fainter, slowly fading into time. The only remains, a series of deep scratches and marks running across the departures door, and the unknown whereabouts of the control room. Slowly and surely, as of the uncertainty of the last known Selkaths to descend to the ocean floor, the lights flickered off. One by one, plunging the bay into an unknown darkness. How long would it be before the secrets of Manaan's oceans were once again revealed, would this be the end? Disconnecting the people of Manaan with their ancestral home, forever.