The Grandfather - Balmorra

Local Map
Coordinates X -1867 Y 1350Global Map
Location: Wardpost Hurne, Glarus Valley, Alderaan
Faction: Still Water Estuary, Markaran Plains, Balmorra
Level: 22
Health: 309,565
Enrage After: 10 Minutes
Primary Abilities: Life Regeneration, Ranged Attack 75% Damage Reduction

Rare Drop: Unknown

  • Level 22+
  • 8+ Players
  • Mix of Ranged/Melee DPS
  • 1 Healer, 1 Tank, 3 Melee DPS, 2 Ranged DPS

Key Points(Summary):

  • Place half melee on right, half on left side of Boss
  • Kill quickly, 10 minute enrage timer

Yet another rather strange World Boss, the Grandfather can be found roaming the waters to the far South West of Balmorra. It will only appear for Empire players and cannot be completed on Republic. Before starting the fight you will want to make sure your Operation group is split between having a balance of Melee and Ranged players. The reason for this is Grandfathers 75% reduction to all Ranged attacks. Contrary it is a bad idea to also have all Melee and no ranged, due to the Grandfathers ability to damage multiple players at once.

More players will make this fight a lot easier, unlike other World Bosses the Grandfather possesses a Life Regeneration ability that is greatly increased. It comes to an issue, not so much of it hard hitting but being able to defeat it before it's enrage timer of 10 minutes. For placement of players, it is best to have all Melee players standing on the sides and behind the boss, this will allow them to avoid his forward attack.

A group break down can be seen as 1 Tank, 2 Healers, 3 Melee DPS and 2 Ranged DPS. You will want to place your tank infront of the Grandfather. This way the forward attack can be moved away from the other players. Position two of your Melee players on the left side and the third on the right side of the Grandfather. For ranged you will want to do the same, however have them stand a fair bit away from the Boss. Finally for the healer they will need to be quite mobile, have them move in a circular pattern around the Boss. Standing far enough away to avoid damage. The reason for this is cutting line of sight and the healer needing to heal players on both sides of the Boss.