The First

World Map
X 239 Y 1658
Location: Lord Grathan's Estate, Dromund Kaas
Faction: Empire
Level: 18
Health: 234,285
Enrage After: 20% Health
Primary Abilities: Claw Attack
Rare Drop: 
  • 1 Tank, 2 HPS, 5 DPS

Key Points(Summary):

  • Enrage at 20% HPS

Fitting name, considering The First is most likely going to be the first world boss you encounter if you're an Empire player. Located on the planet of Dromund Kaas, this giant Yozusk can be found roaming the swamps at the far middle south of the map. Just to the right of Lord Grathan's Estate. Also one of the easiest World Bosses in the game. The fight can be done at level 18+ with a group of 8 players (optimal). It will require 1 Tank, 2 Healers and 5 DPS. It offers no special mechanics or things to really watch out for. 

Have your tank fight the world boss from infront and the DPS to stand behind and attack, this will negate it's forward claw attack on the DPS. For the healers have them stand at a distance and focus primarily on the Tank. Once the health of The First reaches 20% it will enter an enraged state. During this period it is recommended to pop all raid buffs and burn the boss. It remains rather simple, offering to me nothing complex and easily achievable by new players.