Tatooine Datacrons

Blue Mastery Datacron +3

Coordinates X -619 Y -20

The journey to this Datacron from the speeder location will be quite long, start by travelling to Dreviad Outpost and heading far south west to Mos Anek. Go slightly north west into the Crashed Ship Area. The Datacron will be on the far outer side, down the cliff, in the remains of a crashed ship.

Crashed Ship Area
Coordinates (Map)
X -356 Y 113
Crashed Ship Remains
Coordinates (Map)
X -598 Y -72
Blue Mastery Datacron +3
Coordinates (Map)
X -619 Y -20

Orange Mastery Datacron +3 - (Republic)

Coordinates X 2141 Y -3672

This Datacron is only obtainable from the Republic faction, start your journey by travelling to Anchorhead and going to Start Here shown in the images below. Jump onto the wall infront and follow it to the left and then forwards until you come to a rooftop. From the rooftop to the left continue following it around and across the wall, once reaching the next rooftop, go around to the left side and jump onto the blue parasol. 

Follow it to the connecting building and exit onto the rooftop. Go straight forwards and then jump carefully onto the raised section of the wall to the right. Keeping going forwards, across the buildings and onto the larger parasol going to the building in the middle. This will be the parasol with the player on it. Get onto the higher rooftop and fall down to the left, on the far side of the raised half sphere. The Datacron is found below.

Start Here
Coordinates (Map)
X 1629 Y -3721
Along the Wall
Blue Parasol
Raised Wall
Across the Rooftops and onto the Raised Blue Parasol
Up the Blue Parasol
Left, Half Sphere
Drop Here
Orange Mastery Datacron +3


Coordinates (Map)
X 2144 Y -3673

Orange Mastery Datacron - (Empire)

Coordinates X 725 Y 3131

From the Empire side of Tatooine, at Mos Ila go to Start Here and jump onto the rope connecting to the triangular parasol, follow the parasol along to the left and drop onto the roof. At the northern edge of the roof will be a brown parasol stretching up and across to the right. Jump onto it and run to the top, from the top run jump across and onto the platform below. Jump onto the ledge of the platform then onto the chrome pipes infront.

From the chrome pipe, run and jump from the position shown in the images below, onto the barrel looking object extruding from the wall. From as far back as you can on the barrel,  run and jump onto the beam infront. From here follow it along and fall down onto the wall. Run along and hop onto the roof, go to the far right side of the roof and fall down onto the small bit of wall below. The Datacron is just one more fall from this roof.

Start Here
Coordinates (Map)
X 448 Y 3148
Drop onto Roof
Jump onto Brown Parasol
Residential Platform
Jump onto Ledge
Jumping Position
Fall Down
Drop to Datacron
Orange Mastery Datacron +3
Mos Ila
Coordinates (Map)
X 725 Y 3131

Red Mastery Datacron +3 / 

Blue Matrix Shard

Coordinates X -2337 Y -1403

Accessing this Datacron can be quite a pain for a solo player. If you're a solo player, start by travelling to the Dune Sea, go to Start HereClimb to the top of the crashed Sandcrawler and wait by the holo Jawa. A floating balloon travels around Tatooine, it will come by this area. You will need to jump from the crashed sandcrawler onto the balloon. I takes around 40 minutes for the balloon to reach the Datacron location. 

Once the balloon is flying over the sandcrawler with the Datacron, drop down at the highest point, there are two Datacrons here. Once having obtained the Blue Matrix Shard, turn on slow walk and drop down onto the lower outcrop that contains the Red Mastery Datacron.

Alternatively if you wish to bypass the balloon and you have another player, you can position yourself in the images below and have another player push you onto the location with the glowing life day tree.

Start Here
Coordinates (Map)
X -2334 Y 4
End Location
Coordinates (Map)
X -2329 Y -1397
Blue Matrix Shard
Top of Sand Crawler
Coordinates (Map)
X -2389 Y -1396
Slow Walk, Drop Down
Drop onto Platform
Red Mastery Datacron +3
Coordinates (Map)
X -2390 Y -1379
Duo Alternative

Purple Mastery Datacron +3

Coordinates X 2074 Y -578

This Datacron is deep in Sand People territory, so be careful. To begin travel to Outpost Largona and head south towards the Wound. Position yourself at the edge of the would as shown below and jump onto the rocks below, making your way down slowly, if you fall straight to the large rock outcrop you will die. Enter through the cave and travel to the end, the Datacron will be sitting on a ledge at the end of the cave.

Start Here, Drop to Lower Rocks
The Wound
Coordinates (Map)
X 2075 Y -430
Rock Outcrop
Through The Cave
Purple Mastery Datacron +3
Coordinates (Map)
X 2074 Y -578