Taris Datacrons

Complete guide to the locations of all Datacrons and Matrix Shards on the planet of Taris

Blue Mastery Datacron +2 (Republic)

Endurance Datacron +3 (Empire)

Coordinates X -1508 Y -242

Once arriving on Taris, from the Spaceport travel to the North Western most point on the map. Once arriving at the point displayed in the screenshots, jump to the building ledge and follow it along, sticking to the outer path. Hop onto the first raised platform, continue following the wall along until you reach the second. Hop down onto the broken part of the ship and take the Ship Access, shown in screenshots. 

Jump across to get to the ship. Fall down onto the lower pipe, this will be on the Northern side of the ship. Follow the pipe to the end and fall onto the platform below. Follow the outer edge once again, drop down onto the open floor below when above it. From here there will be a hole in the ground, drop down once again, landing on the top of the ship below. Follow it forwards and drop down once more, finding the Datacron sitting at the edge of the ship.

North West
Republic Resettlement Zone
Coordinates (Map)
X --1394 Y -235
Start Here
Building Ledge
Follow Outer Path
Raised Platform
Ship Access
Lower Pipe
Drop Down
Drop Down

Republic Resettlement Zone

Coordinates (Map)
X -1508 Y -242

Orange Mastery Datacron +2 - (Republic)

Orange Master Datacron +4 - (Empire)

Coordinates X 1049 Y 450

The closest speeder location to the start of this Datacron is Brejiks Run, found in the eastern side of Taris. From the speeder, travel into The Tularan Marsh. The beginning of the way to access the Datacron is a pipe, angled out of the ground. Follow the pipe up, drop to the left and travel along until you get to the outcrop as shown in the screenshots. Jump across onto the next section. 

Continue forwards, across the open surface. When you get to the end, drop down and jump across the two small lower platforms. Hugging the wall when you go forward, travel to the end and jump down onto the platform below. Go all the way along, following the path as far as you can go, jumping across the middle section. Take the extruding platform to the right and follow it until you reach the next open area. From here get onto the next open area on the east. The Datacron will be sitting at the end.

Start Here
Angled Pipe
Coordinates (Map)
X 1191 Y 248
Lower Platform
Jump onto Platform
Jump Across
Orange Mastery Datacron +2
Tularan Marsh
Coordiantes (Map)
X 1049 Y 450

Red Mastery Datacron +2 - (Republic)

Presence Datacron +4 - (Empire)

Coordinates X 1187 Y -573

This one is in Transport Station 5, to access this area take the speeder or quick travel to Morne. Travel north and slightly east until you come to a tunnel opening in a crashed ship. Go into the tunnel, go all the way through the tunnel into the perfectly square room in the top right. From start here, jump onto the pipe and follow it to the platform, the Datacron is sitting on the platform at the top.

Tunnel Entrance
Coordinates (Map)
X 386 Y 96
Start Here
Coordinates (Map)
X 1123 Y -579
Red Mastery Datacron +2
Coordinates (Map)
X 1187 Y -573

Purple Mastery Datacron +2 - (Republic)

Coordinates X -361 Y -221

The closest speeder location to the tunnel, start here is Aubrek. From Aubrek enter the tunnel shown in Start Here. Go through the area until you get to a pile of crates on the right side of the largest opening. Jump over the crates and head through a small hole in the door. Go through, all the way to the end, the Datacron will be sitting in front of a pile of crates

Start Here
Coordinates (Map)
X -441 Y-398
Crate Pile

Purple Mastery Datacron +2
Coordinates (Map)
X -361 Y -221

Green Matrix Shard - (Republic)

Coordinates X 1062 Y 1040

Speeder or Quick Travel to Lyte Outpost, this Matrix Shard will require 2 people to get. Go south to the Forward Research Camp and enter the tunnel shown in Start Here. After entering the largest tunnel opening in the middle, immediately take a left and follow the tunnel to a ventilation room. With one player standing on the front most ventilation pipe, and the other player at the console, the player on the pipe faces the eastern wall. 

The player at the console activates the ventilation system and shoots the player on the pipe up onto the pipe above. Drop down onto the small pipe and run along,  the Matrix Shard will be sitting on a platform to the left. Run and jump at an angle, from the smaller pipe onto the Green Matrix Shard platform to the left. To obtain this for the player currently on the ground, switch roles and repeat.

Start Here
Coordinates (Map)
X 952 Y 915
Ventilation Console
Upper Pipe
Small Pipe
Angle to Jump From
Green Matrix Shard
Coordinates (Map)
X 1062 Y 1040

Purple Mastery Datacron +4 - (Empire)

Coordinates X 432 Y -769

Go to Forward Outpost Alpha, from here go directly North to the centre of the swamp. There will be a run down pillar extending out of the ground, travel up it and onto the platform above. From the top, drop down onto the open area on the right. Turn around so you're facing the left side, you will see an extruding platform. 

Run to the end and jump across onto the next area. Go along the side of the ship and onto the metal platform sticking out, from here jump onto the platform in front and follow it along onto the main area of the ship. Head to the next location shown in the screenshots, from here move to the edge of the extruding platform and jump onto the platform below. 

Go around the outside of the area you are on and fall down once again onto an extruding platform. Go forwards and to the left, following the open area that leads to the Datacron.

Start Here
Coordinates (Map)
X 382 Y -904
Open Area
Extruding Platform
Metal Platform
Extruding Platform
Lower Platform
Lower Extruding Platform
Purple Mastery Datacron +4


Coordinates (Map)
X 432 Y -759

Orange Mastery Datacron +4 - (Empire)

Coordinates X -642 Y 1608

Speeder to Bomber Command Post and travel south to the Abandoned Pirate Cave. Go inside, head to the end and hop on the elevator, taking you down to the floor below. Go to the middle room, with all the large storage crates and jump onto the tractor to the left. Jump onto the platform, then onto the pipe in front of the tractor. Follow it to the right to the next platform and up on top of the big storage crates. Continue forwards onto the next crate, climb to the top of the smaller stacked crates and jump on the small pipe to the left. Fall down onto the platform to the right and jump across to the next one. Get onto the large crate infront and fall down onto the platform with the Datacron at the end.

Abandoned Pirate Cave
Coordinates (Map)
X -742 Y 1190
Lower Level Elevator
Large Container
Large Container
Orange Mastery Datacron +4

Republic Mines

Coordinates (Map)
X -642 Y 1608