Subject Alpha

Coordinates X -339 Y 800World Map
Location: The Brell Sediment, Taris
Faction: Republic
Level: 21
Health: 343,235
Enrage After: 8 Minutes
Primary Abilities: Toxic Miasma(Gas AOE), Hurl
Rare Drop:
  • 1 Tank, 2 Healers, 5 DPS
  • Level 23+

Key Points(Summary):

  • Lure Subject Alpha out of Toxic Miasma
  • Ranged DPS/Healer at a distance

Subject Alpha will be found roaming the outer perimeter of the southern side of the large toxic lake in Brell Sediment. It's a giant frog like creature with a significant knock back. To begin the fight you will want a group composition of 1 Tank, 2 Healers and 2+ DPS. The quantity of DPS varies, more is needed at a lower level, for example if you're group is around the level of Subject Alpha, you will want at least 5 DPS.

Have your Tank taunt Subject Alpha and tank it's focus, if you have any ranged DPS they will want to spread out and fight from a distance. This goes the same for your healers, the Tank is the only player who should be close to Subject Alpha.

Most of the fight is rather smooth, Subject Alpha doesn't have many significant abilities. It's only real threat is it's knockback, for this reason the above method is recommended. Every so often the Tank will be thrown up into the air, during this phase it's best to have a DPS immediately taunt Subject Alpha. The Tank will be unable to fight for a few seconds, when the Tank becomes mobile again have them reengage aggro on the World Boss.

Lastly Subject Alpha has a Toxic Miasma that will disperse onto a random member of the group. Any members in this cloud will need to move out of the cloud, if Subject Alpha is in the cloud, have the Tank lure the World Boss out.