Shellback Nerf Alderaan

Local Map
Coordinates X 3327 175Global Map
Location: Wardpost Hurne, Glarus Valley, Alderaan
Faction: Republic
Level: 34
Health: 88,715
Enrage After: None
Primary Abilities: None
Rare Drop: Unknown

  • Level 34 or above
  • Group of 2+ players (Reccomended)
  • Soloable (Possible)
  • Republic Only

Key Points(Summary):

  • Enable "Show Exploration Missions"
  • Slowly Kill Captain Jetok
  • Do not interrupt Captain Jetok
  • Completable once per character

This ones a bit of a strange one, it's location is extremely well hidden and it's access only through completion of a Republic only [Heroic +4]. The Heroic is also really well hidden, it's easily passable as for most players it wont have a marker above its head. To activate this, head into the Map (M), to the lower left corner will be a tick able box, tick Show Exploration Missions. The mission can be found at a Recon Droid in King's Pass.

Coordinates (Probe Droid)
X 3252 Y 449
Probe Droid

The mission is titled, Severing The Supply Chain and must be completed in order to activate the cage holding the Shellback Nerf. Complete the first objective shown in the mission log, defeating 15 enemies in the area. Now we can move onto the second objective, destroying 5 speeders and 5 weapons shipments. They'll be found scattered around the sides of the trail, next to the tents of the enemies.

Once completed, head to the final location shown on the map, or the location shown in the images to the left with the Shellback Nerf. This next part will take caution as the disabling of the Shellback Nerf cage can be buggy. If you're in a group you will want to kill Captain Jetok slowly, allowing time for the Cage to be deactivated. During this fight you will need to avoid any interrupts, making sure that Captain Jetok is able to channel the ability to open the cage.

Finally once the cage is open you can go ahead and finish off Jetok, followed by attacking and killing the Shellback Nerf. There are no special mechanics during this fight, the Shellback Nerf has no primary abilities as seen on other World Bosses, making this one a very odd addition to them. Upon the death of the poor Shellback Nerf you will be awarded with the achievement Scruffy-Looking Nerf Hurter. We can now finish by turning in the mission to the specified location.