SD-0 Coruscant

World Map
Local Map
Location:Old Galactic Market, Coruscant
Enrage After: 8 Minutes
Primary Abilities: 
Proximity Laser
Ionized Stream

Rare Drop: Advanced Orange Resolution Crystal, Endurance +7
  • Minimum of 8 Players
  • 1 Tank, 2 Healers, 5 DPS
  • Medpacs/Stims (Optional)
  • Level 50+ (Recommended)
  • Level 30+ (Do-able)

Key Points(Summary):

  • 2 Players connected via Proximity Laser, move away from group and each other
  • Tank focus on SD-0, taking Ionized Stream damage if necessary
  • Healers/DPS Interrupt Ionized Stream when channel starts
  • Red/Yellow Beam results in very high damage, if not instant death
  • Defeat before 8 minute rage timer
SD-0 Is one of the first World Bosses you will encounter, it's counterpart being the World Boss on Dromund Kaas for the Imperial Faction. It's not terribly difficult to kill, however it can deal a rather large amount of damage/instant death if the primary ability Proximity Laser is ignored. SD-0 will have an enrage timer of 8 minutes, meaning that if it hasn't been killed before this time it's damage output will be drastically increased.

Proximity Laser: connects to two players in the operations group during the fight. This will appear as two red crosshairs, binding the players together. The distance player has to the other player with the red cross hair will increase damage, the closer you are the more damage will occur. You'll be able to determine the damage output of this effect by the connected laser beam that appears between the two players. Additionally a percentage of this damage will reflect onto surrounding players that are not connected by the beams.

Red Beam: Instant Death (Side-to-Side)
Yellow Beam: High Damage (Very Close)
Blue Beam: Moderate Damage (Closer)
Green Beam: Low Damage (Far Away)

Red and Yellow beams between two players mean you will both suffer a high amount of damage, Red will result in instant death whilst Yellow will provide more room for survival, however still remaining very difficult to survive. Blue and Green beams are optimal, Blue will deal a moderate amount of damage to both players, whilst Green will deal low damage. It is recommended to keep the beams between
Blue and Green and for the two connected players to distance themselves from the Operations group.

Ionized Stream: The next ability will be localised to one player only, it will deal a high amount of damage to the focused player. This will usually be the tank, and due to the tanks ability to withstand high amounts of damage it is recommended to have the tank focused. This ability is interruptable and it is recommended to do so, have either your Healers or DPS interrupt the ability  when it starts to channel.

- Kill Assisted by FluffyPinkPoro, Vodz, Obadush, Rane Blackguard