Rishi Datacrons

Blue Mastery Datacron +10 - Red Mastery Datacron +10 - Purple Mastery Datacron +10 - 

Orange Mastery Datacron +10

Before we set out boots down on Rishi I'm going to recommend some pain killers, these Datacrons are all located together however are incredibly hard and time consuming to find. The result is worth it, however it can easily take over a day to just complete the first stage. For ease of following along this guide will be broken down into phases.

Phase 1 - Three Little Pigs (Grophets)


Spread across the tropical surface of Rishi are three oversized champion level Grophets. Killing each of these will result in a Data Packet being dropped, an item used for the next phase of the Datacron. The rare spawn Grophets take the place of regular looking Grophets at particular locations across Rishi, after killing each Grophet they have a respawn timer of 5 minutes. Killing each Grophet will also result in an achievement, upon defeat of all 3 Grophets you will earn the achievement Three Not So Little Grophets and the Legacy Title The Wolf of Rishi

Note: Images below do not show the special Grophets, they will take the place of one of the regular Grophets shown in the images below

Straugh Grophet
Achievement: The Last Straugh
Coordinates (Map)
X -443 Y -239
Breck Grophet
Achievement: A Breck House
Coordinates (Map)
X -368 Y -2204
Wupp Grophet
Achievement: Where's Wudd
Coordinates (Map)
X 187 Y -2322

Phase 2 - Cybernetic Skulls


For Phase 2 we will travel to a far off island, inaccessible by speeder or quick travel. The only way to get here is to hide in an open crate at Sky Falls Camp. Upon exit from the crate we will be at Slave Island, the Cybernetic Skulls are just up the side of a mountain nearby. A small passage can be found on the far right side, leading up and around to the right towards the Cybernetic Skulls.

You have to consume each of the 3 Data Packets before you can click on the Skull you have collected previously, you will be updated with a buff that allows you to continue.

Open Crate
Coordinates (Map)
X -179 Y -315
Up Passage In Rocks
Coordinates (Map)
X 3004 Y -1983
Cybernetic Skulls
Coordinates (Map)
X 3066 Y -1946

Phase 3 - Deep Sea Pheremones


Back at Raiders Cove we will need to find a bottle hidden in a pile of trash, it will be titled Deep Sea Pheromones.  You will receive the Achievement Smell of the Sea and Legacy title Incredible Smell Discoverer. You will now have two buffs, allowing you to continue

Deep Sea Pheromones
Coordinates (Map)
X 870 Y 167

Phase 4 - Unique Rock Formation


Now travel back up to Rishi village and head to the far west side of the map, just above the Revanite Camp. You will find a Unique Rock Formation, you will need to click on this. It is on the ground, right in front of the character in the first image below. A blue beam will shoot off in the direction of the Datacron Rock.

Unique Rock Formation
Coordinates (Map)
X -774 Y -2073

Phase 5 - Anchored Rock (Datacrons)


Just up north now, along the same coast will be an Anchored Rock, we need to have completed all previous stages to access this rock. From stage 4 a blue beam will shine off in the direction of the rock. Once you activate the rock a group of friendly tentacles will spawn, if you haven't got the buff they will attack. If you're in a group they will also attack and deal a lot of damage, you will want to make sure everyone in your group is ready. As soon as the Datacrons become visible collect the, before collecting anything else

Anchored Rock
Coordinates (Map)
X -665 Y -2245
Blue Mastery Datacron +10
Red Mastery Datacron +10
Purple Mastery Datacron +10
Orange Mastery Datacron +10

- Assisted by Vodz, Xei Zhen, FireMax, Sumsing-Wong (Wolfpack Squadron Guild)