Quesh Datacrons

Orange Mastery Datacron +4

Coordinates X 421 Y -132 

For this Datacron we have discovered a completely new and quicker path, start by the wall as shown in Start Here and follow the hill upwards. Follow along and head to the right, continuing towards the pipes in the corner. With your side to the fence, run and jump across each part individually. Jump through the final part and follow along the side of the fence until you find a small break. The Datacron is in the back of the fenced off area.

Start Here


Coordinates (Map)
X 328 Y 71
Start Here
Coordinates (Map)
X 225 Y -132
Continue Right
To the Pipes
Run Jump
Jump Through
Along The Fence
Broken Fence
Orange Mastery Datacron +4
Coordinates (Map)
X 421 Y -132

Endurance Datacron +4

Coordinates X 207 Y 777

To access the Endurance Datacron we will need to locate the cave and head inside, go inside and stand positioned against the door as shown below. Activate the panel, this will close the force field and fill the chamber with gas. Once the door closes you will need to be very quick, activate both panels inside the room. You will need to be very quick in activating the panels as they will disable in a short time. It is however possible. Once done the forcefield to the Datacron will open.

Yuna Crosscut Entrance
Coordinates (Map)
X -8 Y 692
View of Panel
Activate Panels
Open Door
Endurance Datacron +4
Coordinates (Map)
X 207 Y 777

Red Mastery Datacron +4

Coordinates X 559 Y 1417

Found at the far lower south west of the map, start your journey at Start Here shown below. Go forwards and follow the outer wall around. Once you get to the final tree at the very end, take a right and go through the passage. Follow the way up the hill and find the Datacron at the top.

Start Here
Coordinates (Map)
X 485 Y 1799
Outer Wall
Keep Following
Last Tree, Through Passage
Follow Up
Red Mastery Datacron +4
Coordinates (Map)
X 559 Y 1417