Paxton Rall

Paxton thinks of himself and his crew as adventurers seeking glory, fame, wealth and excitement. Most people would call them pirates. Whatever they may be labeled as, one thing is certain: they are one of the most capable starship crews in the galaxy, and Paxton one of the finest captains. He's led his crew to every corner of the galaxy taking on any job, but only if it was exciting and the payday was good. His wandering eye has landed on the Alliance as a potential new client worthy of his standards, so Paxton is determined to achieve new heights of fame and fortune by fighting as the Commander's Side.


Paxton Rall is a Subscriber Rewards Companion that was released just after 5.10 Jedi Under Siege on the 14th of December 2018. He cannot be obtained if you were not a subscriber during this period, a secret achievement is attached to Paxton Rall titled Cantina Crawl. A link to this achievement can be found below.

- Paxton Rall is comparable in DPS output to Shae Vizla

- In Tank mode Paxtons

Loves: Underworld Goods - Trophy
Favourite: Cultural Artifact
Likes: Weapon - Luxury - Military Gear - Courting
Dislikes: Imperial Memorabilia - Technology - Republic Memorabilia




A Powerful shot dealt at a single target
Ion Valley:
Sprays waves of ionizing energy in a 10 metre cone, dealing elemental damage to up to 5 enemy targets
Deadeye Shot:
Fires a precision shot to a target with less than 30% health
Unleashes a scattergun attack that instantly deals kinetic damage and reduced kinetic damage over 6 seconds. In addition, the target is sundered. Sundered 
targets have their armor reduced by 20% for 45 seconds
Electro Shiv:
Hurl a vibroknife with debilitating precision, dealing energy damage and stunning the target for 4 seconds



Dagger Rush:
Storms the target with a hidden knife, leaping to the target, dealing damage, generating a moderate amount of threat, and immobilising the target for 2 seconds
Point Blank:
Fires a scattergun at point blank range, dealing kinetic damage, generating additional threat, and forcing the target to attack your companion for 6 seconds
Provoking Flare:
Fires a flare taunting attacking enemies forcing them to attack your companion and generates a moderate amount of threat.
Anti-Personnel Detonator:
Activates an explosive that deals kinetic damage to up to 5 enemies 5m around the user. Generates a moderate amount of threat and reduces incoming damage by 50% for 10 seconds. Does not hit sleeping, lifted, or incapacitated enemies.
Fires a multi-grapple line that fires in a wide cone in front of the companion and pulls the closest three targets and generates a high amount of threat. Only affects targets that are in combat and are not in cover or have boss immunity.


Kolto Dart:
Tosses a Kolto Dart at the target, healing for health
Kolto Drip:
Slowly heals the target for over 9 seconds and cleanses physical and mental effect each time it heals the target
Life Jolt:
Electrocutes the target and energizes the companion, dealing energy damage and healing the companion and any allies around them for
health. In addition, standard and weak targets are stunned for 2 seconds.
Progressive Kolto Scan:
Heals a friendly targer for, over the duration of the channel
Binds the target in a stasis field for up to 10 seconds. Damage to the target causes this effect to end prematurely. Targets may only be affected by Electro-Stasis once every 30 seconds. Target must not be suffering from periodic damage and have greater than 90% max health.


Companion Gifts Vendors:


Galactic Trade Market Republic Fleet

Coordinates X -4597, Y -4861

Galactic Trade Market Imperial Fleet
Coordinates X 4597, Y 4860

Purchase companion gifts from the Companion Gift Vendors, other players or the Galactic Trade Network to advance your companions rank. For the sake of money it is recommended to purchase gifts directly from the Companion Gifts Vendors on the Republic and Imperial Fleet.
Purchase - Underworlds Goods or Trophy's for the most effective and speedy ranking process. 

Recommended - Memoir of The Unification Wars

Rank: 0-10
Gifts Used: 17
Cost: 170,000 Credits

Rank: 10-20
Gifts Used: 63
Cost: 630,000 Credits

Rank: 20-30
Gifts Used: 137
Cost: 1,370,000 Credits

Rank: 30-40
Gifts Used: 234
Cost: 2,340,000 Credits

Rank: 40-50
Gifts Used: 250
Cost: 2,500,000 Credits
Rank: 0-50
Gifts Used: 701
Cost: 7,010,000 Credits

- Assisted by Tougakun, Equeliber