Ossus World Boss

On the planet of Ossus there are two World Bosses, a mechanical droid called R8-X8 and a Geonosian. Both require groups of 8+ people, at the level of the planet (70) or above. The gear rating required is 230 upwards. At the current stage the world boss R8-X8 is incomplete, however it can be located and engaged with.

Kil'cik The Swarm Lord

Coordinates X 1364 Y 546

From the starting area of Ossus quick travel or take a speeder to the location Ossus Farms. From here head directly forward, past the ruined temple on the left, head up the winding staircase around the side of the mountain. Once you reach the top you will see the world boss, Kil'cik The Swarm Lord, this Geonosian will be standing in the middle of a flat area that looks like another ruined temple. If the world boss is not visible then it has already been defeated, it will respawn within 2 hours. Alternatively switching to another phase could render the boss active. The boss is level 70 and has a health of 13,323,054, attempting to solo it will result in a 1 shot charged ability, sadly resulting in a squished player.

(Method of killing Kil'cik The Swarm Lord is currently not known, it will be updated shortly)


Coordinates X 973 Y -713

Travel to the Dead Forest, from here you will see a little outcrop on the northern most part of the map. Speeder up and head to this location, there will be Scrambled Droids along the way, and those annoying Battledroids that love to pull you and argh... they're so annoying. Anyway, once reaching this location, travel through a small valley until you a big droid, R8-X8. It will be located in the centre, with a cliff to the northernmost side and rocky mountains to the left and right. R8-X8 has a health of 35,121,960, all that is known about this boss so far is that it has a rather lengthy channel period in which it is completely invulnerable to all types of damage. Attempting to solo this world boss has currently yielded no result as the boss deals no damage to the player or companions.

(Method of R8-X8 is currently unknown, it will be updated shortly)