Ossus Datacrons

Guide: Ossus Datacrons

3 Datacrons can be found spreads cross Ossus, some in obvious locations yet the question asked is how do I get to it? Others are more of a pain to find, this guide explains the process in detail from start to finish and all associated parts. The datacrons you will receive are Presence + 5, Mastery +6 and Endurance. The first two datacrons, Presence and Mastery will appear first on this guide, Endurance will not be listed as of yet due to it being undiscovered/unfinished by BioWare as of yet

Presence +5

Coordinates X 695 Y 344 of Datacron

(Datacron Location)

Start your journey in the Ancient Ruins, from the speeder location travel up to X 1334 Y -440. Here you  will locate the entrance to a cave, follow the cave as it goes deeper until you find a dead Rodian named Crushed Explorer with it's leg stuck under a boulder, poor Rodian :(. Click the Rodian and a Grappling Hook will be added to the Mission Items tab of your Player Inventory. Once you have the hook, quick travel to Catacombs Entrance. There will be enemies along the way so be careful, you might want to pack some bug spray (not an actual item)

You will find a ruined staircase nestled between a tree and some rocks, follow the staircase up until you see the glowing datacron on the decayed bridge. Here is where you will use the grappling hook, a green clickable circle will appear just below the datacron on the bridge. By clicking this you will grapple to the bridge, warning once using this hook and collect the datacron you will not be able to get another one and it will be removed from your inventory.

Mastery +6

Coordinates X 931 Y -314 of Datacron

(Datacron Location)

For this you will need to travel back to the Dead Forest, mount up and head to the cave located at X 1072 Y -253. Once arriving outside the cave, head inside and kill the Scrambled Droids that are occupying it. A small crack in the cave will be found just up near the roof, in the image it's just above my head in the centre. Follow the crack in the cave all the way up until you reach a jumping puzzle. This puzzle is rather simple, just find the ledges and jump up. 

Follow the tunnel a little further until you head out into the open, from here head left and jump across onto the roof of the ruined building. Go around to the front of the building, towards where you hear the datacron effect and collect it.

Endurance Datacron +2 - Must have completed Ossus story first

Once this process has been complete, you will be unable to complete it again. Also note that if you die during the phase of activating all Ancient Switches in order, you will need to start again.

To begin this lengthy journey, head to the cave located at the cordinates below. Speeder Travel to the Dead Forest and head up to the Ancient Ruins. From here enter the cave, you will see 5 small version of the Ancient Switches. This will tell you the order in which they must be activated, whilst also being the final resting place for the Endurace +2 datacron. Leave the cave and locate each of the Ancient Switches, activate them in the order shown below.

(Recent information has uncovered, it is possible to do all steps but the last step of this datacron, when arriving back at the cave to claim the Endurance datacron only the leader will be able to enter)

Coordinates X 1372 Y -370 

Ancient Switch 1 - Ancient Ruins

Coordinates X 1130 Y -263

Ancient Switch 2  - Catacombs

Coordinates X 1082 Y 638

Ancient Switch 3 - Ossus Farms

Coordinates X 164 Y -253

Ancient Switch 4 - Jedi Temple

Coordinates X -727 Y -261

Ancient Switch 5 - Dead Forest

Coordinates X 760 Y -519

Once all of the Ancient Switches have been activated in order, return to the starting location and head inside the cave. If you have been successful in activating these in order a small yellow corona will appear above the 5 small versions of the Ancient Switch. Nothing is needed to be done, this is just to signify that you have correctly activated them in the required order. Speeder Travel to the Jedi Library/Jedi Temple and head inside. Locate [Heroic 2+ Expel The Darkness] and enter the phased area. If you have already completed the heroic for the day the phased area will be green anyway. Keep following the Heroic until you come to another yellow corona, this will be located high on a wall to the right. Just before a staircase leading down further into the heroic area. Jump up onto a ledge on the right and get underneath the yellow corona. Here you will find a small hole in the ground, drop down and enter the next room. 

Navigate along the dark tunnels, jumping across the little ledges and outcrops on the left and right side. It is recommended that you turn your monitor brightness up for this phase, making it much easier to see where you're going. Keep following the tunnel forwards until you enter an opening, leading to the second floor of the Jedi Temple. Lying on the ground to your left will be an activateble object. Activate the first one, then head around the outer edge of the room, passing the datacron that is protected by a force field. Keep following the room around until you get to the far left side, here will be another activeatable object. Once this has been activated a force field will appear on the ground, making it safe to walk across. Return to the datacron in the centre of the room and collect it.  Once this is done we can return to the cave with the 5 small versions of the Ancient Switches. 

hop around to the far left side, deactivate both glowing objects then get the datacron in the middle.

Once back at the cave, you will see a small pedestal infront of the tree. Click this pedestal and you will reveal the datacron Endurance +2, you will also get a codex entry for master Ood Bnar and an Ood Bnar weapon tuning.

- Assisted by Defilen and Relenvir