Makeb Datacrons

Endurance Datacron +10

Coordinates X 82 Y 2557

Note: A lot of Lucy's were harmed in the making of this guide

I thought it would be good to get this one out of the way, this is probably the 3rd hardest Datacron in the game. You're going to need at least 30 minutes if you're lucky. To begin hear to Frinn Mesa, the north east corner of the Mesa. From Start Here we will follow the edge of the Mesa and along until we get to an area above an elevator. From the area above the elevator, turn on slow walking using the key / and slow walk off onto the grass below. Just around the corner below will be an elevator, take it to the only possible destination. Upon arrival on the platform, go right and follow up the first angled beam. 

From here we will nudge off onto the flat beam and follow it to the middle of the 3 beams. From the middle, run jump onto the end of the platform, then slowly make your way up. The goal is to be on the very top wide platform, now just turn around, jump onto the support for the red pipes then onto the first red pipe. Follow it along until you reach a sloped roof, go up the roof then follow the rock to the left and through the passage. Hug the wall and follow it around to the right, be careful of the Underwalker as they can push you off the cliff, in front will be another Underwalker. 

Don't bother fighting it, just run past. Once we come to the end of this level of rock, drop down onto the rocks below. Once we're down below, turn around so we're facing the rock wall, or the way we came from. Drop onto the rocks below. Finally, if we turn facing into the void we will see a outcropped ledge below, drop onto this. If we're facing the void there will be another platform like the one that took us onto this Mesa. 

Off to the left at the end of the rock will be another way to drop down, make sure your health is full and drop down. This part will be a little more tricky, run and jump onto the rocks below, they will be on the side of the metal platform. Follow the new area to the right until we can see a thick pipe below, from the end of the rocks we will run and jump onto the top of the pipe. From the top of the metal pipe we will jump off to the left, aiming for the rock platform to the left, you will want to use all the speed you can get. Follow the rocks in the only possible way we can go, below you will start to see a circular platform. 

We will drop down onto a rock then once again, the last drop will take us to an Underwalker, dispatch this Underwalker as soon as possible, with your backs to the wall. Once the Underwalker is dead, run and jump off from the left side onto the circular floating platform. From the platform, run jump back towards the rocks. Just below from the new rock area we are on will be our way down, slow walk off onto the rocks below. 

There will be a large platform off to the side, leading around the corner of the rocks. Travel along this way, ignoring all enemies you come across. Until we get to the very end with the group of Exobars, kill these and travel to the far outer side. There will be a circular platform that rises and lowers in this area, once it reaches its lowest point run and jump onto it. From it's highest point run and jump off onto the open platform. We're almost done now, follow past the next open platform and head to the corner. 

Jump on top of the tube at the end and run jump onto the beam below, this jump will be very hard. Now, run forwards and jump onto the top of the white looking rocks. Halfway towards the end of the white rocks will be our way down, turn slow walk on and nudge our way forwards, falling below. It's very easy to just slip right off, try to stick to the far left side of the fall, away from the metal beams. From the very lowest point that we can jump to, before the beams. 

Face the angled beam and run jump across, try to avoid the slope in the rocks. Now that we're on the metal beams, get to the outer most beam and follow it along, until we can drop down onto the ring of the upcoming platform. Off to the left on the next platform will be the Datacron

Frin Mesa
Start Here
Coordinates (Map)
X 938 Y 2411
From Start Onto Here
Follow Around To Right
Slow Walk, Drop Below
Coordinates (Map)
X 766 Y 2405
Through Elevator
Takes Us To Platform
Up First Beam
Move Onto Platform
Run Jump Up Slope
Onto Pipe
Get Onto Red Pipe
Up Sloped Roof
Through Passage
Follow Right, Stick To Wall
Run Past
Drop Below
Drop Below
Drop Down, Once More
Down You Go
Run Jump To Rock Below
Run Jump Onto Pipe
Jump From Pipe Back To Rock
Follow Rocks, Drop Down
Lower Rocks
Drop, Kill Underwalker
Run Jump Onto Circular Platform
Run Jump To Rocks
Fall Below
All The Way Along
Exobar Enemies
Run Jump Onto Rising Platform
From Circular Platform To Here
Onto Tube
Run Jump To Low Beam
Forwards And Onto Rock
Stand Above Drop
Slow Walk below
Run Jump First Middle Beam
Forwards, Onto Ring
Almost There
Endurance Datacron +10
Coordinates (Map)
X 82 Y 2557

Presence Datacron +10

Coordinates X -1943 Y 4452

This one is nowhere near as bad as the first, found in Perketa Mesa. From start here climb the grass ledges in front. Once we reach the top, head left and then follow the path around to the far side. In between the rocks will be a small passage, head on through and stick to the right wall, there will be another small passage leading to grass below. Follow the grass rocks past the Small Pterathki and through a new passage that leads to an area above a crashed ship. 

Drop below onto the grass, then follow the rock ledge around until you're above the ship. Run and jump onto the large outermost pipe, at the top of the pipe move back as far as you can and run jump onto the closest pipe to the ship. We can now climb up the side of the circular ship. At the very top we will run and jump from this section across to the next, the Datacron will be sitting at the end of the next part of the ship.

Start Here
Coordinates (Map)
X -1765 Y 4314
Climb Grass Ledges
Around To The Back
Into Cave
Coordinates (Map)
X -1915 Y 4368
Drop Down
Forwards, Take Path Right
Just A Bit Further
Fall Below
Rock Ledge
Run Jump Onto Pipe
Run Jump To Bent Pipe
Climb Ship
Run Jump
Presence Datacron +10