Lucky - Corellia

World Map
Coordinates X 726 Y --2484Local Map
Location: Coronet Zoo, Axial Park, Corellia
Faction: Both
Level: 52
Health: 5,464,245
Enrage After: None
Primary Abilities: 


Rare Drop: Unknown
  • Minimum of 1 Player
  • 1 Tank, 1 Healers, 4 DPS (Recommended)
  • Medpacs/Stims (Optional)
  • Level 70 (Recommended)
  • Level 52+ (Do-able)

Key Points(Summary):

  • Diseased Claw, cleanseable
  • Tank in water
  • DPS attack from behind
  • First pull, die. Will unlock "The Unlucky" title
There are a few secret achievements tied to this World Boss, to locate Lucky travel to Axial Park, Corellia and go South until you get to the Coronet Zoo. Through a break in the wall will be a Dread Seed area, with Lucky roaming the inside. For your very first pull you will want to fail, have the entire group killed by Lucky. The reason for this is it will unlock our first Secret Achievement and the title The Unlucky. Upon defeating Lucky you will be awarded with the achievement and title The Lucky.

When you start the fight with the intention of killing Lucky you will need 1 Tank, at least 3 DPS and 1 Healer. It is recommended that a healer with good AOE comes along. The fight is relatively easy, however it will take quite some time to kill. To begin you will want to place your Tank somewhere in the water. There is no push back so anywhere will do, the reason for being in the water is on occasion the Boss can glitch and become invisible. Have all of the Melee DPS directly behind Lucky, if you have any ranged then place them a bit further back. This will allow everyone but the tank to avoid Lucky's Ground Stomp. Lastly, place the healer quite a distance away. This will allow them to ignore most of the damage dealt by Lucky. 

Lucky has no channels so interrupting it is not necessary, however it has an ability Diseased Claw that can be cleansed. If done correctly it should always be on the Tank, have your healer cleanse this as soon as it appears. The damage will stack up over time, it's not terribly severe but it helps to remove it. Lastly Lucky's final primary ability is it's Spit Blight, this will not be cleanse able and will randomly place itself on a member of the group. It will deal internal damage until the timer runs out. Lucky has a minor ability that usually targets the healer, this will ensnare them and keep them stuck to the ground for a few seconds, this cannot be cleansed or interrupted. 

- Assisted by jdspeters, Arkunox, Litharian, Shanu