Hoth Datacrons

Orange Mastery Datacron +4

Coordinates X 3142 Y 478

At the south entrance to the Star of Coruscant in the Starship Graveyard, go inside and locate the elevator. The elevator will be at the very back of the map area, in the middle. This will take you up to level 2 of the ship. To the right and left of the second floor will be smaller crates that you must climb in order to get onto a travelling crate in the middle of the room, we will bypass this. Simply find the crate when it travels through the middle of the room. Jump towards the run of the floating container and you will sometimes be places at the top, bypassing the wait. This works most of the time. When the middle crate gets to the far right side of the room, drop down and onto the large crates. 

Here we will wait for the next moving crate, jump onto it when it gets to the corner of the crates we are standing on. Once the floating crate we are on passes the final crate near the Datacron, run and jump onto it. Wait for it to get to the height of the Datacron and hop off onto the Datacron level.

Star of Coruscant
South Entrance
Coordinates (Map)
X 2988 Y 463
Second Floor Elevator
Jump at Rung
Jump onto Crates
Then onto Moving Crate
Final Crate
Orange Mastery Datacron +4
Starship of Coruscant - Fore Catwalks

Endurance Datacron +4

Coordinates X 2838 Y -379

Your journey for Datacrons will now take you into the Starship Graveyard, found on the far right side of the map. At the very top right of the Starship Graveyards, begin your climb by jumping onto the rocks infront. Follow the rocks up and go through the small passage infront. Move off to the left and climb the rocks again, making your way towards the open snow platform. 

Go all the way across the platform, travelling forwards until you come to the edge. Drop down onto the rocks below and continue forwards. From the outcrop at the end, run and jump onto the rocks below. Just a bit forwards you will be able to get onto the lower ledge of the crashed ship. Follow it along until you can jump down onto some rocks below. Becareful of a jump across the rocks, it's easy to fall down and get stuck. Continue travelling around the rocks until you come back to the ship ledge, drop down and run along.

Follow the cliff at the end around to the left, drop down onto the rocks below, careful for the hole. Continue following the only path forwards you have, hugging the ship as sure to not fall off. Move around to the left and back onto the ship, run to the end and follow the rocks yet again around to the left. On the far side of the rocks we just climbed, we will see a way up, start climbing the rocks upwards and get back onto the ship ledge. 

At the end of this section of the ship, climb the rocks upwards and around, note to be extremely careful of the first jump, if you fall into the ledge you will be placed back down at the start. Best way to do this is to run and jump from an angle. The Datacron will be back on the ship ledge.

Start Here
Top Right - Starship Graveyard
Coordinates (Map)
X 2616 Y -859
Follow The Rocks
Through The Passage
Move Up Left
Open Snow Platform
Drop Below
Run Jump
Ship Ledge
Drop onto Rocks
Watch for Hole
Ship Ledge
Follow the Cliff
Drop Down
Around To The Left
Along The Ship
Start Climbing Up
Back onto Ship
Climb Up
Be Extremely Careful
Jump From Angle
Endurance Datacron +4
Coordinates (Map)
X 2838 Y -379

Presence Datacron +4

Coordinates X 1041 Y -1245

This Datacron can be found in Glacial Fissure, it's accessible from both factions, however it's much easier to get to from the Empire.  Locate the cave entrance to the Datacron and follow it through to the end. Once exiting into the next area, head to the very back corner, behind the champion enemy Kazianna Alvamma. Climb the rocks just to the right of the building behind Kazianna. Follow the rocks up towards the left side. 

Follow the steep upwards and then fall down onto the raised snow area below. Take the passage at the back of this new area, through until you meet another cave. Enter the cave and go all the way through, until you come across the Datacron sitting on a ledge at the end.

Terror Brigade Compound
Coordinates (Map)
X 1042 Y -1063
Kazianna Alvamma
Climb Rocks Infront
Follow Rocks Left
Follow The Steep Upwards
Fall Down Here
Follow The Passage
Cave Entrance
Coordinates (Map)
X 1171 Y -1206
Presence Datacron +4
Coordinates (Map)
X 1041 Y -1245

Red Mastery Datacron +4

Coordinates X 2990 Y -96

This will be a bit of a length one, start by travelling into Clabburn Tundra and locating the Ancient Probe, it will travel around an area of the far west of the tundra, taking about 30 seconds to complete a loop. Once you find the champion Ancient Probe Droid, kill it and loot its body for Depleted Datacron. Once we have this, head to the Star of Coruscant in the Starship Graveyard, enter through the northern area and find the Coupled Recharge Station, activate the panel and wait for the Datacron to charge.

Ancient Probe Droid
Coordinates (Map)
X -4038 Y 63

Clabburn Tundra

Red Mastery Datacron +4
Coordinates (Map)
X 2990 Y -96
Starship Graveyard

Red Matrix Shard

Coordinates X -740 Y 1708

Speeder to the Republic or Empire landing base cantina, depending on faction. Purchase an item called the Hydro-Thinner, costing 18,000 Credits. Once you have this item, travel to Highmount Ridge, located about the centre of the map. Travel directly south towards the bottom middle of the map. The Datacron will be frozen inside a block of ice, hidden under a cliff. Click on the frozen block and melt it using the Hydro-Thinner, this will reveal the Datacron inside.

Cantina Bar Vendor
Coordinates (Map)
X -1222 Y -255
Frozen Datacron
Coordinates (Map)
X -740 Y 1710
Red Matrix Shard
Coordinates (Map)
X -740 Y 1710