Hive of The Mountain Queen


How long has it been? Far too long, it's finally here and we're excited to be the first to bring you a guide to the newest operation added to SWTOR. Ossus Lair added in update 5.10.1 adds a new single boss operation phase to the planet of Ossus. Providing an exciting look at things to come, interesting new mechanics and group content. This guide will focus on not just the Geonoshian Queen but the entire operation, strategies for completing the operator and requirements. This guide will cover all difficulties from Story Mode to Nightmare. 



  • Geonoshian Elite Guard (Champion)
  • Geonoshian Viscount (Silver)
  • Geonoshian Grenadier (Silver)
  • Minor Ads

Operation Requirements


Story Mode

Recommended 8 playerscan be completed with a minimum of 3. This would require all members to have at least 242 gear and the group consisting of two DPS and one healer. A tank is unnecessary for this 3 person group due to healer being able to semi tank and heal through damage and the need for quick burn on all enemies found within the operation. It is possible to complete most of this operation with a group as small as two, one healer and one DPS. However you will not be able to defeat the Mountain Queen. The damage taken and inability to focus on the spawns is too much for 2 people.

For the group size of 8 players a standard composition is recommended, however this is not too strict as it will be rather easy to defeat the enemies inside the operation and the Mountain Queen. The standard composition is 1 Tank, 5 DPS and 2 Healers. At this size it is possible to complete with a minimum of 230 gear.

Locating the Operation


The operation can be started through the Group Finder section at the lower left corner of the User Interface. It will be located in Activities > Group > Operations > Hive of The Mountain QueenNote that if you begin the operation through group finder the standard configuration will apply and you will not be able to complete it with anything else or a smaller group size. Once having completed the operation it will enter the Lockouts section and you won't be able to complete it again until this has cooled down. 

To manually enter the Operation with a custom group, travel to the planet of Ossus added in update 5.10 Jedi Under Siege. From the starting area, Quick Travel, Speeder Travel or Regular Travel to Ossus Canyons. The operation is located at the lowest part of the waterfalls on the left most side. The entrance will be hidden behind a wall in a ruined Jedi building, coordinates X 1227, Y 579.

Part 1 - The Cave


Enter the Operation and begin. When you spawn into the Operation, head down the stairs. There will be two Geonosian Elite Guards positioned on the left and right side of the lower room. It is recommended to stun one of them while focusing on the other, due to the large amount of burst damage that they can deal with their yellow triangular AOE attack. Aside from this they will be relatively easy to take down, while defeating these it is recommended to keep moving as it is easy to get caught in the AOE. 

Having defeated both Geonosian Elite Guards, move forward and continue down a set of stairs off to the left. The next room will contain another Geonosian Elite Guard. It will be blocking the entrance to the next part of the cave. Stun the Geonosian Elite Guard and defeat the two Geonosian Grenadier's. These will be relatively easy to take down, no special mechanics exist or a need to stun them. Once these have been dealt with, dispatch of the Geonosian Elite Guard and travel through the archway to the right of the room.

The next part of the cave is rather awesome, it is a giant chasm with glowing eggs dotted around. There is no immediate threat from enemies after having moved into this area. Hugging the left side of the chasm continue forward and take the turning too the right. Travel across the suspended bridge and head through the cave archway into the next room. Similar as before there will be a Geonosian Elite Guard and a new entity, Geonosian Viscount of silver difficulty. 

This section is slightly different to before as defeating the Geonosian Viscount will only cause another one to instantly appear. The reason for this is not certain, it maybe a bug. However due to the mechanics of the final boss fight it could be due to the eggs hatching and another enemy appearing. Stun the Geonosian Viscount or just ignore it until you have defeated the Geonosian Elite Champion. Once the Champion is defeated you can defeat the Viscount and continue on through the cave network.

You will be faced with another Geonosian Elite Guard, standing on the very edge of the ledge to the left. Behind this will be another Geonosian Grenadier and two minor enemies, they will however fire green toxic waste at you. This will need to be dealt with quickly or it can stack up and cause a lot of damage. The easiest way to dispatch of these enemies is to simply push them into the chasm. You might need to try a few times as on occation they will fly back up to the ledge. Continue forward again and head around the right turning of the ledge. Through the opening will be another Geonosian Elite Guard and minor enemies. Stun the Champion whilst you defeat the minor enemies. 

Becareful of the next room, the green liquid on the floor will deal quite a bit of damage. There is currently a bug where some players might receive no damage from this, it is wise though to avoid. Lots of smaller eggs will be scattered around the room, these will hatch at stages during the fight and new enemies will spawn. The enemies that are initially in the room are a Geonosian Elite Guard, Geonosian Viscount and a Geonosian Grenadier. Stun the Elite Guard and focus on the two other enemies. It is wise to take down the Geonosian Viscount first, if you leave it alive it will shoot a blue beam towards the eggs causing more Geonosian Viscounts to appear. Finish by defeating the Grenadier and the Elite Guard.

Located in a low part of the Hive wall will be an entrance to the next section. Going forward you will be lead down a small pathway to a closing. You will need to interact with the Hive on the floor, placing an explosive charge. Unlike a majority of other explosives found through SWTOR this will do damage, it is recommended to step back out of the orange glowing blast radius on the floor. If you do not it will instantly kill anybody within the radius. Dropping down here through the new opening will lead you to the Mutated Geonosian Queen, the Operation Boss.

Part 1 - Mutated Geonosian Queen Boss


This boss is impossible to complete with a group size of under 3 people. At a size of 3 people is it still incredibly difficult, a group size of 8 is highly recommended. As seen previously a lot of eggs will be scattered around the floor, these will hatch during the fight and cause a rather large amount of ads to appear, these will be mainly minor enemies. However, every 2-3 group spawns will result in an a Geonosian Elite Guard to spawn. These will need to be dealt with quickly or the toxic waste they shoot at you will quickly pile up. Have half of your DPS focus on dispatching these whilst the rest maintain focus on the Queen. It is currently unknown whether you can break the eggs prior to the fight, it was attempted with no positive results. The Queen will fire a Toxic Pheromone Coating (Physical), This will drastically increase your threat rating. 

Ads that spawn during the fight will instantly attack the player with the Toxic Pheromone Coating (Physical). A great stratergy to deal with this additional threat it to kite around the fight, leading the ads away from the Queen. The ads should be quickly dispatched by half of the DPS, when complete return to the Queen. Repeat this process every time a set of Ads appear, kite around and have half of your DPS deal with them. With this method the fight is relatively easy, you are able to stop any particular threat building up too high. Defeated the Geonosian Queen and complete the operation.