Gargath - Hoth

Coordinates X -2181 Y 460World Map
Location: Clabburn Tundra, Hoth
Faction: Both
Level: 42
Health: 1,074,525
Enrage After: 8 Minutes
Primary Abilities: Earthquake, Overwhelming
Rare Drop: Schematic: Advanced Intrepidity Crystal
  • LVL 42+
  • 1 Tank, 2 Healer, 4 DPS

Key Points(Summary):

  • Overwhelming, slow debuff on target
  • Eartquake, AOE damage
  • Ranged DPS stand a distance away
  • Defeat within 8 minutes

Gargath is one of a few World Bosses that can be found roaming the Icey wastelands of Hoth. He is accessible by both Empire and Republic and has a respawn timer of 8 minutes. It's recommended to take on Gargath at or above his level, there is generally a rule saying that the lower level you are the more players you need to defeat an enemy. Traditionally it is recommended to have a minimum of 5 players, 1 Tank, 1 Healer and 3 DPS. 

To begin you will want to be aware of a few mechanics, Gargath has nothing particularly special and isn't overly complicated to defeat. One of these simple mechanics is it's ability Earthquake, this is an AOE effect that will damage all players in range. Another mechanic is his slow debuff, Overwhelming. It will cause the target player to move slowly.

To defeat Gargath it is recommended to have your tank directly infront of it and the melee DPS behind. If you have any ranged you will want them to be off to a distance, outside of the radius of the AOE. Healers will position themselves similarly to the ranged.

Alternatively, you can just have all of your DPS stack up behind Gargath and scatter when an alert is broadcasted about an earthquake. It's a simple fight and should be mostly unhinged for any level at 42 or above.