Worms: Clan Wars

By far the best Worms game in the series, no game other than WCW has provided such long and repeatable laughter and fun. No matter how you play, who you play with or the settings you choose there is always never ending fun and new things to try. Best played over voice chat with a friend or family member, it's entertainment for all ages.

Boosted with a humorous and charming soundtrack, pretty visuals and the ability to create and customize your own landscapes to your liking. If you don't feel like creating your own map or playing one of the great randomly generated Worms maps, there is a wealth of extra content available through the Steam Workshop. From Landscapes to Worm customizations.

Games are typically short, allowing for an intense experience, every turn could mean your loss or win of the match. Not to include the random crate spawns around the map. You never know what lies beneath, it could give you a serious advantage in firepower, coins to purchase new weapons or the ability to move around in sticky situations.

I would recommend this game to groups of friends and families, it's where it truly shines