Golf With Your Friends

You want to play Golf With Your Friends, however if you don't have any friends this game is not for you. If you have friends, it still might not be for you, do you have patience to stick it out? You'll know what I mean when you boot up the game for the first time and are presented with the overwhelming, movable menu screen. If this doesn't hurt your eyes, try playing Candy Land. Full of bright colors and lots of eye pain.

This game also has no music, you'd better boot up your favourite track of Dora the Explorer. If you manage to survive the horrid first impressions then congratulations. Despite all the initial flaws Golf With Your Friends offers a fun and competitive experience. Set with a multitude of different course themes you shall be entertained for about 120 minutes.

The game is short, full of flaws, even such as not providing any help or tips on how to control the ball. The world for the most part is charming, low poly and full of complex and interesting puzzles. You'll be surprised just how responsive the physics system is. Effort has clearly gone into the game in its respective areas, and it definitely shows.

Overall, if you want a fun unique experience I recommend this game. However replay-ability is minimal, if you're after a longer experience then this game isn't for you. Despite its flaws and complications, Golf With Your Friends saving grace is its ability to give you a laugh and a positive memory, no matter how short.