Fleet Datacron

Fleet Datacron +10

Coordinates X 4815 Y 4063 - Gav Daragon, Museum Deck

Before you start this Datacron you will want to have at least 2 hours of spare time, a group size of 5 or more players and the prerequisite items from the list below. Due to the affinity for people to wander and die you will want a leader who knows the guide thoroughly, somebody that can place each of the members of the group at their designated location, tell them what to do and when to move. This Datacron is by far the hardest in game to get, not so much due to its detail but how easy it is to die. To begin the entire group is required to have all of the prerequisites, the recommends also make things a lot easier but are not essential


  • 5 Players
  • MGGS
  • Corellian Museum Crystal
  • Cormium Crystal Shard


  • All Sage/Inquisitors (Access to Phase Walk/Pull)
  • Despite being stated above it is possible to complete with only one player having the Corellian Museum Crystal/Cormium Crystal Shard. It is however very difficult and the entire group will need to reset if a player dies and has no access back into the area


  • Purchase the MGGS from the vendor on Alderaan
MGGS Vendor
Coordinates (Map)
X 1850 Y 1064

  • Find the Corellian Museum Crystal on Corellia
Corellian Museum Crystal
Axial Park, Corellia
Coordinates (Map)
X 687 Y -2198
  • Find the Cormium Crystal Shard on the Fleet
Activate Panel
Gav Daragon, Museum Deck
Through Now Open Door
Cormium Crystal Shard
Click, Lower Side

Fleet Datacron +10

Once we have all required materials we will want to travel back to the Gav Daragon, take the only elevator visible in the main room up to Gav Daragon Bridge Deck. From here we will take the next only visible elevator on the map to the museum. To the left side of the museum will be a statue with two extruding hooks and a switch in the centre. With the items we recently acquired you will want to activate both the pedestals and then the button in the centre. 

Just off to the right of the statue will be a blue force field with a door just behind, after having interacted with all 3 parts of the statue the force field will now be temporarily down. Go on through and wait at the bridge for everybody. Traditionally you would position 3 of your party members just through the rest of the corridor and at the consoles. One party member would be at each console while the rest of the group waits at the bridge, activating the consoles at the same time to lower the bridge. We have another route, much faster. Get your sage to run and jump from the small platform at the corner of the bridge, onto the platform with the first button below. 

From here your sage will pull everyone to this new area. Leave one player here and have the rest stand at the edge of the platform, facing upwards towards the grappling point. It is recommended for the sage to stay at this first button, the sage will click the button activating the grappling point above the rest of the players. Have them all grapple up, if you get stuck or it doesn't work simply try again. Have one more of your party members wait at this newly found location, the rest will drop down onto the long beam underneath and finally drop onto the finally open area. The rest of your party members will wait here, take 2 of the remaining members and have them drop onto the large beam below. The first of the remaining members will drop immediately off to the right onto the smaller beam, running along and in sight of the new grapple point.

The other member will head towards the first beam they dropped onto and drop off from the right onto the opposite smaller beam. Run all the way to the end and locate the button in front. Everybody is now in place, not everybody has a button that is visible. All of the members of the party that were instructed above that don't see a button, will simply have to activate their grappling hook point when it becomes available, you will grapple up and the button will now become visible.

Let's pretend we have 8 members in our Ops group, Josh, Lucy, Dave, Sarah, Adam, Sophie, Markus and Amanda. Lucy is located at the first point, she is the sage. Located at position 1 shown in the images above, Josh is at position 2, Dave position 3, Sarah position 4, Lucy again at position 5 when it becomes active, and the remaining players standing at the position they were left at. To start the button clicking process we would have Lucy activate her button then turn to face the grappling hook located at position 5, Lucy will type done in chat after she has clicked her button. Josh will click his button now and also type done, Dave will grapple to the now activated hook and click the button below. Sarah will click her button and type done. Lucy will now grapple up the the hook that has just become active, click the button and type done. The last grapple location will now be active, located above the entry to the Datacron.

Lucy will quickly run to the corner, just to the right of the button, turn around and grapple up towards the door. Sarah will drop down from her spot and run across the beam that leads across the room towards the door. She will grapple across, Josh and Dave will run back along the initial beam they crossed and look up, above will be a glowing grapple point. The remaining players that were not assigned a button will drop down onto the beam below, run along and look upwards towards the now glowing grapple hook. Everyone will need to be quick as each phase has a cool down, the buttons must be activated quickly without much delay, similar to grappling across. Grapple up here, all players can now follow the door through and activate the final door for the Datacron.

Notes: If the final door with the Datacron results in "Access Denied" upon clicking, you either have the Datacron already or are missing the Red Corellia Crystal.
- If you miss the grappling hook to the final platform and are short on players, die and return to the starting area with the bridge. Refer to the addition below for further details.

Sage Runs and Jumps From Corner of Bridge To Platform, Pulls Remaining players
Players stack up at the left corner, sage activates button. Remaining players grapple up.
Player remains at the newly grapple location, remaining players drop down.
Remaining players fall below onto open area
Two Players drop down onto beam below and get into position 2 and 3
Position 3, Drop Below
Position 3, Grapple to hook from below when active.
Position 2, Drop down and run to button
Position 5, Grapples up when becomes active
(2)Josh and (3)Dave Grapple Point.
Remaining Players, Drop down and wait in the middle
Remaining players look up from new location and grapple when available. 

If failure

Have your sage set a Phase Walk from the final platform, the area with the door leading to the Datacron. All players that missed the opportunity will need to /stuck or kill themselves. In order to return to the area with the bridge. Once done your sage will need to double check they have their phase walk placed above. The sage will now drop down onto the platform below (position 5)  found on the left,  the closest one to the sage. From here drop down again to the long beam below and run to the end, this will leave you down near position 1. Start pulling all remaining players from the starting point near the bridge. Once done activate phase walk and return to the location you placed it. Wait for the cool down, place the marker and drop to position 5. From here you can start pulling the remaining players up.

Finally, Phase Walk back to the door and pull the last players from position 5 up to the door.