Life Day - 2018

15 Dec

As every year SWTOR is hosting a Lifeday event, this will last from December 11 to January 15. To participate in this event you will need to purchase either a Lifeball Snowball Cannon or a Lifeday Snowball Bomb. Each Snowball weapon has a cooldown, 7 seconds for the Lifeday Snowball Cannon and 15 seconds for the Lifeday Snowball Bomb. The Cannon can be purchased on the GTN or the Cartel Market for 500 CC. The Bomb can be purchased from the Master of Ceremonies, on either the Republic or Imperial Fleet.

He will be located in the middle of the Galactic Trade Market section of the respective Fleet. To purchase the other items listed in his inventory you must use either the Cannon or Bomb to dust a player target with a snow effect. The player target must not have any current snow effect on them, every hit will result in a random chance to win a Snow-Covered Parcel. Which can be exchanged for goods at the vendor. Each parcel received will result in XP, it is a great way to level up your Command Rank. Aside from the ability to shoot other players with Snowballs, if you visit  Coruscant or Domund Kaas you will see Life Day Gift Droids scattered around the starting area. Every so often one of these droids will Overheat, once this happens shoot them with your Snowballs to cool them down. This will result in being awarded a Life Day Holo Tree.

A detailed showcase of each item will be uploaded shortly

- Life Day Achievements

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