The Perils of Wea'zor

The Perils of Wea’zor


Wea’zor screamed, the moment he fired the heavily scratched grappling hook he knew it was all over. It shot forward uncontrollably, his ability to control the device severely overestimated. As an explorer and Rodian of small stature he knew that one day he would succumb to the perils of his adventuring ways. Little did he know that today was his day, the end of the hook snagging against a weak spot in the cave. Wea’zors continued screams became muffled as an avalanche of stone and ancient Jedi Temple ruins plummeted to the ground, dust emanating upwards around the now much smaller opening of the cave. It was at this moment that shear dread and terror shook through his lightly tinted green body. His leg becoming trapped underneath an insurmountable pile of stone and rubble. 

As if to taunt Wea’zor a shiny golden chalice landed with a thud, just next to his now outstretched arms. As suddenly as the terror and panic took over his body he entered a state of peace and calm, understanding the eternity of silence his body would face. Looking across towards the chalice he chuckled, blood dripping slowly from the corners of his right ear.

‘Perhaps in a long distant future an unknowing explorer will find my skeletal remains’, he thought. ‘Living a life similar to my own, perhaps I will become the relic of mystery. Continuing the cycle’. Wea’zors thoughts began to fade from his ever distant consciousness, just as his place in the galaxy would soon become nothing but a whisper. His green scaly eyes closing for the last time, the dust just beginning to settle as the only light left in fading existence was the similarly coloured pale green glow sticks. Now scattered randomly across the stone tiled floor, for Wea’zor was alone, entombed in uncertainty as silence now grew heavy upon the chamber.


This is just a small taste of potentially more fan fiction lore I will write, I wish to create backgrounds for seemingly innocuous, background characters and locations in the SWTOR universe. If this is received positively please feel free to leave me a comment and some feedback.