The galaxy sprouts many holidays and events, below are all events that register on the codex.


In the war for the hearts and minds of the masses, propaganda can be a powerful weapon. Since the rakghoul plague surfaced on Alderaan, theories surrounding its point of origin have spread wider and faster than the plague itself. House Organa immediately cited the outbreak’s epicenter near King’s Pass as proof that House Thul and the Empire were conspiring to use the plague as a biological weapon, while House Thul countered that House Organa implemented the outbreak themselves so they could place the blame on their rivals to stir up sympathy.

Yet another premise suggests that House Ulgo nurtured the plague in order to ratchet up hostilities between Organa and Thul and further weaken the rival houses for Ulgo’s eventual conquest. While none of these accusations are likely to be revealed as true, one fact remains: Alderaan stands perilously close to the brink of a global rakghoul pandemic.

The first time rakghouls threw Tatooine into pandemonium, they came from the sky, spewing out from a wrecked ship called the Stardream. After the epidemic was believed to be contained, no one thought to check below the dunes of the desert planet for signs of the diseased beasts. When a seasoned clan of Jawa scavengers stripping the Stardream’s interior for parts found a hull breach, they uncovered a network of rakghoul-infested tunnels deep underground.

Cobbling spare parts into traps, the clan methodically captured and exterminated every remaining rakghoul and then used detonate charges to collapse the tunnels. Since that day, the clan have made the Stardream’s husk into their home, seeing it as their solemn duty to keep watch over the hull breach, ever wary the rakghoul plague might return. Not having anticipated an entirely new infestation to rise up elsewhere in the Dune Sea, they are quite relieved for THORN’s intervention and are more than content to let the organization’s aid workers deal with the problem this time.

Life is strenuous enough in a world torn asunder by the throes of war, but when an emergency development like the rakghoul plague emerges, the citizens of Corellia have no choice but to summon up new levels of endurance and courage. To avoid the constant threat of bombings and looters, Selonians on the outskirts of Coronet City had repositioned their den-style homes far underground, surfacing only when it became absolutely necessary to acquire provisions.

In the earliest days of the plague, rakghouls seeking an ideal foundation for their distinctive tunnel networks quickly invaded the dens. Hardened by their survivalist turn, however, the Sleonians found they were enough of a match to hold the rakghouls off–though not without many heart-rending casualties along the way. Eventually, the rakghouls found their way underground via Coronet City’s sewage system, but the Selonians who protected their dens from the growing epidemic can take some measure of satisfaction. Sometimes that’s all a survivor needs to keep hanging on.

You have defeated Zama Brak during the Rakghoul Pandemic event.

[Partial reconstruction of official ship’s log, found in wreckage in the Tatooine desert.] Stardream Flight Log Updated by Lieutenant Pursal: Day 1. Departure from Ord Mantell was on time at 0600 hours. Passenger count is 492, excluding crew and military personnel. Captain Magnus predicts a smooth flight. Day 5. Flight continues on schedule. Mild cases of food poisoning reported on civilian decks. The kitchen has been notified. Day 7. The illness has spread.

Patients are feverish, violent and inhumanly strong. Ship doctors ruled out food poisoning. Civilian decks One through Five have been quarantined. Day 9. Captain Magnus has fallen ill. Doctors recommended bed rest, but he accused them of mutiny. Captain Magnus has now locked himself on the bridge and sent the Stardream off-course. The passengers are growing violent. The crew is sick, myself included. Day 12. The Stardream is lost in hyperspace. Infected passengers gather near the ship’s radioactive core while the crew readies to stop Captain Magnus and retake control. We will end this.

[Recovered from the wreckage of the Stardream on Tatooine and the remains of an infected officer.] Communication Log of Captain Magnus Amy, guess what? Daddy’s flying a ship called the Stardream. A passenger even gave me a stuffed orokeet, just for you! Tell mom to get a cage–I’ll see you in a few days. — Sorry I missed your call, Yllen. I’ve been sick. The doctors said it’s an allergic reaction, but they weren’t stationed on Taris. It’s been years, but I swear I recognize the symptoms.

Don’t tell Amy anything. — were working on control, Yllen. The outbreak started on Deck two. Probably by an animal, smething from Ord Mantell that spread the disease to everyone on board. doesn’t make any sense — amy everyones against us. my crew turned agnst me and sed it was 4 my protecshun. no ones stealing the stardream from me!!

[Careful examination of the infected Sand People tribe’s mural reveals a grisly story.] The paintings portray a third sun crashing into Tatooine. A great evil spills from the wreckage and spreads across the desert. The mural shows the evil infecting banthas, duneclaws and other creatures of the desert. Then, the darkness spreads to the Sand People. The pictures grow violent and agitated as they reveal a Sand Person tribe torn apart by infection. Scratchy images show sick Sand People, fever dreams, outbursts of violence and funeral pyres. The final image on the mural shows the hopeful figure of a shaman who left the Sand People to find a cure.

[An infected Sand People shaman lies dead. His records chronicle the Sand People’s quest for a cure to the plague that ravaged their tribe.] Detailed notes describe the shaman’s experiments. Rare desert plants, krayt dragon blood and ancient Sand People remedies were tested. During his experiments, the shaman contracted the virus from his test subject–an infected bantha.

He raced to beat the disease before it destroyed his mind. The shaman finally found a cure. His antidote restored the infected bantha to health, but it failed to cure the shaman’s symptoms–the medicine only saves animals. In the last entry, the shaman despairs over his failure to save his tribe from the mystifying plague. The remaining records descend into the scrawlings of a mad man.

[Partial reconstruction of personal log, credited to “Zama Brak, Privateer Extraordinaire.”] Note to self: Take more jobs from Doctor Lorrick. He’s well-funded and a lousy negotiator. I almost feel bad charging a fortune for smuggling one little risp hatchling aboard the Stardream. — Note to self: See a medic. Blasted risp bit a chunk out of my leg. Mantellian whisky eases the burn, but I’m down to my last bottle. — Bad time to get sick. Passengers going crazy, no ear plugs–and either I’ve got another fever dream, or the risp’s looking strange.

You have defeated Infected Trapjaw during the Rakghoul Pandemic event.

You have defeated Urtagh during the Rakghoul Pandemic event.

You earned this title by defeating the three rakghoul plague-infected Heroic World Bosses during the Rakghoul Pandemic on Tatooine: Urtagh, Zama Brak, and the Infected Trapjaw.

Soovada (“Spoils of War” in Huttese) is an annual celebration of total extravagance in Hutt culture, originally celebrated in the summer season of Varl after successful military campaigns. Rival clans compete to prove their superior wealth, attempting to sponsor the most parties, pit fights, bounties, gambling, and every other public display of fortune and excess imaginable. Popularized among outside cultures during visits to Nar Shaddaa, this exuberant holiday is now celebrated on hundreds of worlds across the galaxy, where it’s simply known by its Huttese name; any connection to ancient wartime looting is largely ignored.

Governing the Chevin homeworld of Vinsoth, the Chevin Conglomerate is a pervasive presence in the galactic underworld, with connections to mercenary groups, Hutts, slavers and other undesirables. However, unlike the Hutts, the businesslike Chevin remain at a distance from the conflict between the Republic and the Sith Empire, as their military might is negligible. The announcement of their Grand Acquisitions Race brought the Chevin into the spotlight, as they offered unmatched riches and power in return for a number of strange items their own agents had been unable to find.

As fortune-seekers and adventurers across the galaxy sought these curiosities, both the Republic and the Empire became curious about the Chevin Conglomerate’s motives. Soon the truth was revealed: the items being gathered were intended as a tribute to buy the favor of the Gree, one of the most ancient species in the galaxy. Through their contacts, the Chevin learned that a Gree fleet is returning to known space, bringing not only the normally isolationist aliens but their legendary technology.

Although believed to be non-hostile, the Gree discovered hyperspace travel untold ages ago; a single piece of Gree technology is considered an irreplaceable treasure. For centuries, their influence has been felt only through their emissaries. The reason for their fleet’s return is unknown.