Up to date as of SWTOR 5.10

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Gift Rank 1 Blue (Any)

Biochemical Bonding Agent

Gift Rank 1 Purple (Any)

Alien Blood Sample

Gift Rank 2 Blue (Any)

Molecular Programmer

Gift Rank 2 Purple (Any)

Mechanical Symbiote

Gift Rank 3 Blue (Any)


Gift Rank 3 Purple (Any)

Bioelectric Toxin

Gift Rank 4 Blue (Any)

Synthetic Blood

Gift Rank 4 Purple (Any)

Miracle Fluid

Gift Rank 5 Blue (Any)

Experimental Serum

Gift Rank 5 Purple (Any)

Iridescent Goo

Smart Cells

Radioactive Paste

Medical Grade Injector

Sterilization Kit

Hemostatic Gel

Autoimmune Regulator


Delta Wave Inducer

Hypodermic Injector

Synaptic Accelerator