Corellia Datacrons

Note, the Datacrons shown in the games Legacy Tab do not allign with the Datacrons found in the world.

Blue Mastery Datacron +4

Coordinates X 3145 Y -1789

This is another relatively quick Datacron to get, from the Government District travel south until you are just above the Business Sector. The Datacron is sitting on a ledge in the ruins of a building. To start, run up the angled bar in the middle of the area and wait for the elevator platform to come down. Ride the elevator to the top of the ruined pillar and walk off. Position yourself in between the Datacron platform off to the side and the bomb at the top, activate the bomb to be blown across to the Datacron.

Note: This Datacron doesn't correctly show up in the Achievements page for the colour shown on the object

Ruined Building, Up the Beam
Government District
Coordinates (Map)
X 3116 Y -1847
Ride to Top
Position Yourself, Click
Blue Mastery Datacron +4
Government District
Coordinates (Map)
X 3144 Y -1789

Purple Mastery Datacron +4 (Empire)

Coordinates X -2404 Y 2940

Accessed from the Empire, this Datacron is found in Incorporation Island, It will be quite a pain to get. From Start Here, all we need to do is drop down onto the floating droid below when it passes by. Ride it to the Datacron and jump off onto the platform. If you miss the droid or fall you will have to start from the area start. You'll want to fall onto the droid coming from the left, position yourself in the image below and fall when the droid passes the point shown in the image, just walk off the ledge to the droid floating by.

Start Here
Coordinates (Map)
X -2292 Y 2884
Fall To Droid
Jump Now
Purple Mastery Datacron +4
Coordinates (Map)
X -2405 Y 2954

Orange Mastery Datacron +4

Coordinates X -2662 Y -3119

From the far North East corner of Labor Valley, find the corner of a derelict building. Climb the rubble pile, then the beam and take the overhang around to the left. Follow it forwards and across the section with the tunnel. Once again follow it forwards and onto the mental canopy, following this around too. Keeping following it until you come across a shrivelled tube, run and jump onto it and take it to the top.

From here, hop down onto the small little run below and then jump up to the overturned pillar, take it to the top and run jump onto the right section of the broken tunnel. Turn around and enable slow walk, slow walk onto the middle pipe below. The Datacron will be sitting at the angle in the tunnel.

Start Here, Rubble Pile
Coordinates (Map)
X -2430 Y -3114
Raised Beam
Across The Tunnel
Forwards onto Canopy
Keeping Follow, Until Pipe
Run Jump
Overturned Pillar
Follow Forwards
Broken Tunnel, Right
Slow Walk To Pipe Below
Inside The Tunnel
Orange Mastery Datacron +4
Labor Valley
Coordinates (Map)
X -2662 Y -3119

Presence Datacron +4

Coordinates X 3420 Y -3211

This Datacron is found inside a Republic area, however it's accesible from both factions. Travel to Port Pevaria in the Government District. Follow the corridor through until you open onto a large port, go to the very end of the port in the middle, the lower platform. Enable slow walk and jump onto the railing, slow walk and drop down onto object below, then once again to the pipe. Now simply run all the way forwards to the end of the platform and access the Datacron.

Port Pevaria Entrance
Government District
Coordinates (Map)
X 2349 Y -3103
Middle Area
Slow Walk, Drop Down
From Object To Pipe
Lowest Pipe
Presence Datacron +4
Port Pevaria
Coordinates (Map)
X 3420 Y -3211

Red Mastery Datacron +4

Coordinates X -2754 Y -2002

Starting in Labor Valley in the top left of the map, travel slightly down to just above the Imperial War Camp. From Start Here shown below, mount the raised pipe and follow it along onto the slightly torn parasol. From the parasol you're standing on, jump onto the front of the ship and climb it to the top. This ship will move along a slight journey to the opposite platform, if it's not here you will need to wait for it, due to a current glitch you will need to remain still on the ship until it reaches its destination. 

If you move the ships journey will reset and you will be placed on the ground. Once it lands at its opposing platform drop down. Drop once again, this time into the caged off area. From here follow the angled metal beam up and onto the large crates. At the top, jump onto the moving hook when its at the bottom of its travel path, wait on it until it reaches the top then jump onto the crate above. From the crate, finally jump onto the large open platform. The Datacron will be sitting atop a crate off to the right, follow the beam up and access the Datacron.

Start Here

Labor Valley

Coordinates (Map)
X -2918 Y -2060
Jump onto Ship
Drop onto Platform 
Fall Down
Jump onto the Moving Hook
Jump to Crate
Up the Beam
Red Mastery Datacron +4
Labor Valley
Coordinates (Map)
X -2754 Y -2002

Purple Mastery Datacron +4 (Republic)

Coordinates X 701 Y 1714

This Datacron will be Republic only, found in the Blasterfield Shipyards. Start your Journey from just right of the door shown in the first image. Travel along the edge of the building and around to the left, jump over each raised beam until you get to the very last one. Take this one up, turn around and jump onto the beam just behind. Follow the beam now right to the end, next to the floating object to the left. Jump across onto this object, making sure to jump from an angle. 

Now, turn around and jump up onto the large open platform above. From the Imperial Crates, jump onto the large crate, the ship then onto the double stacked crates. Get onto the upper bar and then the platform above on the pillar. At the back end will be some pipes on the wall, jump onto these and then the ledge of the building. Follow forwards and repeat by jumping onto the pipes in front, run to the edge of the open platform and then the pipes again leading to the building ledge. Drop down onto the larger lower ledge and follow it along.

Finally, jump onto the ramp going up and follow it to the right, from the angle jump onto the open platform.

Start Here, Follow Building Edge
Coordinates (Map)
X 1145 Y 1660
Around The Corner, Continue Forward
Up the Last Beam
Jump Up Here
Continue Along
Jump Onto Lowest Part
Turn Around, Jump Up
Imperial Crates, To Large Crate, To Ship
Onto Upper Bar
Jump onto Pipes
Pipes to Edge
Forwards, Next Pipe
Follow Ledge
Drop Down
Up the Ramp
Angled Jump
Purple Mastery Datacron +4

Blue Matrix Shard

Coordinates X -2424 Y -1067

Our Journey continues, taking us back to Labor Valley. This one will be very short and quick, travel to the very south east of the Labor Valley area. The Blue Matrix Shard will be at the very end of the corridor and in the open area, beyond the Holo door.

Holo-Projection Door
Coordinates (Map)
X -2308 Y -1040
Blue Matrix Shard
Derelict Service Area
Coordinates (Map)
X -2424 Y -1067

Green Matrix Shard

Coordinates X 700 Y -1892

Let's take a little detour and find the Vendor on Alderaan, we will require the MGGS for this. If you've been following previous guides you should still have the MGGS. You can Refer to instructions on the Alderaan Datacrons in order to obtain it.

Once we have the MGGS, head back to Corellia and travel to Axial Park. Locate the Corellian Museum of Starships and go inside. Take a right and take the elevator up. You will arrive onto a ship docking area, get ontop of the ship and drop down onto the wall, on the right side you can drop down once again, onto the canopy below. Follow it around the building to the right. At the end will be a glowing grapple point, just across and on the base of a kneeling statue. Click this to grapple across, at the top just run and jump across onto the platform on the right and go through the door. At the end of the corridor and ontop of a crate will be the Matrix Shard.

Corellian Museum of Starships
Coordinates (Map)
X 411 Y -1885
Ship Dock
Drop To Wall
Drop To Canopy
Follow Around
Glowing Grapple Point
Jump Across
Green Matrix Shard
Deserted Throughfare
Coordinates (Map)
X 700 Y -1892