Balmorra Datacrons

Blue Mastery Datacron +4 (Republic)

Blue Mastery Datacron +2 (Empire)

Coordinates X 188 Y -346

This Datacron is found in Bugtown on Balmorra, it's locked inside a crate on the edge of a cliff. To access the create you need a Lost Code Cylinder. This can be obtained from a vendor, Ba'teil located across the water at a remote camp, the Lost Code Cylinder will cost 5,000 Credits. Once you've purchased it, head back to Bugtown. The Datacron is located on the end of a broken bridge. Note that if you open the locked container it will have a limited time before it closes again, requiring another Cylinder.

Lost Code Cylinder
Ba'teil Vendor
Coordinates (Map)
X 690 Y 36
Blue Mastery Datacron +4
Coordinates (Map)
X 188 Y -346

Orange Mastery Datacron +4 (Republic)

Blue Mastery Datacron +2 (Empire)

Coordinates X -1017 Y 1514

Closest quick travel location to the next Datacron  is Upper Markaran Outpost. The Datacron itself is found inside the Okara Droid Factory. Entrance to the Factory is at X -1066 Y 1472. Once inside take the Assembley Line elevator down into the lower area. Follow the path along and jump down once again, into the large square room. 

The door to the Datacron will be found in the lower south west of the area. Looking at the map, it will be on the second bar from the bottom, that stretches across the area. Moving forward slowly, drop down onto the first pipe that is found inside the door. Slow walking onto the first pipe is recommended. Turn off slow walk and drop down to the next pipe. Fall onto the last pipe with the Datacron, the easiest way to do this is by positioning yourself at the angle shown in the images below.

Okara Droid Factory
Markaran Plains
Coordinates (Map)
X -1066 Y 1472
Assembly Line Elevator
Hidden Door
Drop Down
Lower Pipe
Fall From Angle
Orange Mastery Datacron +4

Endurance Datacron +4 (Republic)

Coordinates X -445 Y -296

Travel back to Bugtown, you will need to enter the Colicoid Queen's Nest. Once you get inside, take the elevator down. Behind a mound of eggs and nest in the largest part of the room will be a crack in the dirt wall. You will be able to see metal sheets sticking out of the ground. There is a hidden entrance behind, go behind these and follow the path along, at the very end will be another square room. The Datacron will be sitting on top of an upturned glowing tube.

Colicoid Queen's Nest
Coordinates (Map)
X -141 Y -294
Hidden Room
Coordinates (Map)
X -358 Y -230
Endurance Datacron +3

Colicoid Queen's Nest - Maintenance Tunnels

Coordinates (Map)
X -445 Y -296)

Presence Datacron +4 (Republic)

Red Mastery Datacron +2 (Empire)

Coordinates X 728 Y 2034

Located in Gorinth Outpost we will need to head east until we come across a small hidden passage in the cliffs. Head through the passage and locate the Datacron off to the right side of the open area. Note, there is a special named enemy in this area of Champion difficulty, named Sith Lord Vardax. Just behind the Sith Lord and up the hill is the Datacron

Hidden Passage
Coordinates (Map)
X 701 Y 1824
Presence Datacron +4

Gorinth Canyon

Coordinates (Map)
X 728 Y 2034

Purple Mastery Datacron +4 (Republic)

Coordinates X -779 Y 2067

Go to Lower Markaran Outpost, travel south east from the spawn in location and locate an outcropped pipe, extending across the canyon. Drop down onto the pipe and follow it across the canyon. Once you get to the end, follow the small passage to the left, around the mountain. Towards the end of the passage will be a glowing Datacron, sitting on a ledge just down from the part of the mountain you're on. Fall down onto this area to get the Datacron

Outcropped Pipe
Coordinates (Map)
X -645 Y 1835
Datacron Ledge
Coordinates (Map)
X -771 Y 2050
Purple Mastery Datacron +4
Gorinth Canyon
Coordinates (Map)
X --779 Y 2067

Orange Mastery Datacron +2 (Empire)

Coordinates X 

From Sundari Imperial Outpost go north east into the Balmorran Arms Factory. Entrance to the factory is shown below. Take the elevator at far north east side of the factory up to level 2. Access the outside area from the middle of the second floor. The Datacron is located underneath the top pier on the far eastern side of the map.

Balmorran Arms Factory
Coordinates (Map)
 X 1286 Y 744
Second Floor Elevator
Coordinates (Map)
X 1487 Y 374
Orange Mastery Datacron +2
Balmorran Arms Factory - Power Center

Coordinates (Map)
X 1857 Y 109

Green Matrix Shard (Empire)

Coordinates X -507 Y 1990

This will require two people to get, it's only obtainable from the Empire side. The closest speeder travel to the location needed is Troida Military Workshop. From here head west and locate the entrance of the Neebray Warehouse. Access the elevator at the back of the Warehouse and go to level 2. To lower the forcefield ahead you will need both players to access the terminals simultaneously. The Green Matrix Shard is located just inside, to get back out you will need to access the panel to the right.

Neebray Warehouse
Coordinates (Map)
X -472 Y 1899
Shutdown Force Field
Green Matrix Shard
Neebray Warehouse - Level 2
Coordinates (Map)
X -507 Y 1990

- Assisted by Cyn