New Players Guide To Commands & Keybinds

All Keybinds displayed are game defaults and not altered by player preference. They will be the standards set by SWTOR unless changed by the player

Chat Commands

A list of relevant commands that can be typed into the SWTOR chat panel

/g Guild Chat
/guild Guild Chat
/group Group Chat
/ops Operation Group Chat
/channellist Displays a list of channels you are in
/dnd Set your status to do not disturb
/dismiss Toggle your companion to off
/flag Toggle your pvp status (on/off)
/follow Follows the targeted player
/friend Add targeted player to friend list
/ginvite Invites player to guild
/gquit Quit the guild you are currently in
/hideui Toggles your user interface (on/off)
/inspect Inspect another characters profile
/logout Returns character to character selection
/me Roleplay command to emote an action
/pvp PvP chat
/quit Closes SWTOR
/r Respond to previous whisper
/rc Initiate a group ready check
/say Chat channel bound to local players only
/selljunk Sells all grey level items
/stuck Teleport to nearest flat platform if stuck
/tell Tell another player
/trade Trade chat
/whisper Send private message to player
/who opens who window
/yell Similar to say but for a larger area

User Interface

Shortcuts and keybinds that interact with SWTOR's user interface

C Character Sheet
I Inventory Window
P Abilities Window
K Skill Tree
L Mission Log
G Guild Interface
O Friend List/Social Window
M Map Window
N Companion and Contacts
Z Seath/Hide Weapon
X Sit
ESC Game Menu, skip/exit custscene
SHIFT + M Galaxy Map
SHIFT + L Codex
T Tutorials
CTRL + E Toggle Stronghold Edit Mode

CTRL + / Ticket Centre
ALT +Z Hide User Interfac
CTRL + S Toggle Game Sound (on/off)
CTRL + SHIFT + F Toggle Frame counter
CTRL + M Cartel Market Store
CTRL + C Collections Window
CTRL + P Preferences Window
CTRL + I Command Stash
Y Legacy Window
CTRL + G Activities
SHIFT + E Knights of the Fallen Empire/Eternal Throne Chapters
B Crew Skills
U Strongholds
SHIFT + P Toggle Pack Explorer

Targeting, Quickbars and Movement

SHIFT + F Take Cover In Place
F Take Cover
ALT + F Set Focus Target/Swap Focus Target
TAB Swap Focus Target
SHIFT + F1 Target Companion
CTRL + TAB Target Next Friend
SHIFT + F2 Target Group Companion 1
SHIFT + F3 Target Group Companion 2
F2 Target Group Member 1
F3 Target Group Member 2
F4 Target Group Member 3
F5 Target Group Member 4
SHIFT + TAB Target Previous Enemy
SHIFT + CTRL + TAB Target Previous Friend
F1 Target Self
ALT + T Aquire Target's Target
CTRL + F Aquire Focus Target's Target
HOME Self Target Modifier
END Focus Target Modifier
ALT + C Target Center Screen Enemy
SHIFT + DOWN Next Quickbar Page
SHIFT + UP Previous Quickbar Page
` Toggle Expanded Companion Quickbar
S Move Backwards
W Move Forward
Q Strafe Left
E Strafe Right
NUM LOCK Toggle Autorun
NUM / Toggle Run/Walk
A Turn Left
D Turn Right
CTRL + Z Mount Flourish


Emotes are animations the player can perform, activated by typing the command into the chat panel. Emotes marked with a require purchasing/unlocking from the Cartel Market


/Cross Arms
/Raving Mad
/Fist Shake


/Be Right Back
/Follow Me
/Good Job!
/Thank You
/Warm Up


/Formal Bow


/Attack The Target
/Catch Up
/Heal Me!
/Help Me!
/Out of Resources
/Open Fire!
/Give Up


/Double Guns
/Fist Bump
/Get Down
/Not the Droids
/Thumbs Down
/Thumbs Up


/Blow a Kiss
/Club Dance
/Flag Down
/Golf Clap
/Raise Hand

Cartel Market Emotes *

Air Control /aircontrol
Air Drums /airdrums
Bottle Break /bottlebreak
Pickaxe /pickaxe
Punt /punt
Scare /scare
Search /search
Shovel /shovel
Celebrate /celebrate
Cheer 2 /cheer2
Spike /spike
Victory Wave /victorywave
Woohoo /woohoo
Yippee /yippee
Empowered Shuffle /empoweredshuffle
Excited Child /child
Fresh /fresh
Funky /funky
What Up /whatup
What Up 2 /whatup2
Beat Chest /beatchest
Bicep Kiss /bicepkiss
Chilly /chilly
Crazy Talk /crazytalk
Dodge /dodge
Faint /faint
Out of Breath /outofbreath
Sinister /sinister
Menance /menance
Point and Laugh /pointlaugh
Slow Clap /slowclap
Bound /bound
Chair 1 /chair1
Chair 2 /chair2
Chair 3 /chair3
Chair 4 /chair4
Chair 5 /chair5
Chair 6 /chair6
Chair 9 /chair9
Chair 10 /chair10
Dejarik /dejarik
Recline /recline
Angry Dance /angrydance
Beach Party /beachparty
Boogie /boogie
Bop /bop
Chicken /chicken
Dance Fever 1 /dancefever
Droid /droid
Nod Off /nodoff
Restless /restless
Sweep /sweep
Backflip /backflip
Belt Check /beltcheck
Boxing /boxing
Cartwheel /cartwheel
Clawbird Kick /clawbirdkick
Double Thumbs /doublethumbs
Flourish /flourish
Social /omg
Worthy /worthy
Battle Plan /battleplan
Groove /groove
Head Bob /headbob
Hip Dip /hipdip
Jig /jig
Lepi Hop /lepihop
Mind Prison Spin /mindprisonspin
No Bones /nobones
PBJ Time /pbj
Punch Dance /punchdance
Romance Shuffle /romanceshuffle
Salsa /salsa
Smuggler Shuffle /smugglershuffle
Starslide /starslide
Style /style
Swing /swing
Thrash /thrash
Tihaar /tihaar
Traditional /traditional
Unconvincing Performance /perform
Waltz /waltz
Handstand Heel Click /handstandheelclick
Holo Hoop /holohoop
Kloo /kloo
Superflex /superflex
Toe Touch /toetouch
Xantha /xantha
Boo-hoo /boohoo
Intimidate /intimidate

Special thanks to GamePedia, SWTOR Forum user Goshee and Tor Fashion