Location - Masterwork Crystal Smuggler

As of the update 5.10 Jedi Under Siege, two NPC vendors have been added to the planet Ossus. These are named Mysterious Smuggler. Upon approaching the NPC you will be able to trade Unassembled Components for Masterwork Crystals


Coordinates of Mysterious Smuggler X -389 Y 2795

Location - Jedi Colony

Once arriving at the Jedi Colony for the first time, down the ramp and take a left. Standing near a large green food storage container will be a Rodian NPC, titled Mysterious Smuggler. This is the Vendor location for the republic.

Planet Arrival Location

Mysterious Smuggler Location

Mysterious Smugger Location (Map)


Coordinates of Mysterious Smuggler X -5425 Y -4618

Location - Imperial Command Area

Once arriving at the Strike Base XR-484 for the first time, go to the leftmost elevator. From here, take the elevator down. Once arriving at the bottom the Mysterious Smuggler will be standing infront of a large Empire shipping crate. Also a Rodian as seen on the Republic side.

Planet Arrival Location (Elevator on furthest left)

Mysterious Smuggler Location (Imperial Command Area)

Mysterious Smuggler Location (Map)