Lead Actor Joel Kinnaman of Altered Carbon, Replaced by Anthony Mackie

This was one of the last shows I had really cared about, a bastion for all I loved about Cyberpunk, and the themes presented in the show. For the longest time we've been in a drought, with limited specks of Cyberpunk appearing here and there. When Altered Carbon was announced I became greatly excited, everything I wanted had been crammed into one show which, in my opinion was a stellar hit. Released in early 2018, season 1 brought a mixture of emotions, from sorrow to excitement and wonder. A connection to the cast that furthered the amazing atmosphere of Altered Carbon. 

Having built it's foundations strong with it's perfect cast Altered Carbon seemed unscathed, as if it would continue to grow in quality as the seasons rolled by. This is where things sadly take a rather negative turn, the replacement of Joel Kinnaman. Joel was a core component of the show, his witty and mysterious personality propelling his character,  Takeshi Kovacs into the leagues of perfection. He played his role amazingly and portrayed his character perfectly. The foundation of Altered Carbon, constructed around his feet.

Joel is an actor we came to love, his identity merging into the core aspects of the show. Altered Carbon simply wouldn't be the same without him, it wouldn't maintain to the air of mystery and intrigue, excitement and fascination. It was announced recently that Joel would be departing the show, his replacement Anthony Mackie continuing the legacy of Takeshi. Story wise an actor change could be easily explained, however this isn't the issue. 

Don't get me wrong, Anthony Mackie is also an amazing actor, however he is just not the right fit for Altered Carbon. He wasn't present when the show was building it's identity. With Joels departure and Anthony stepping in, it's as if they've removed the engine from a car. It just won't function without it, they are part of a symbiotic relationship where both rely on each other for success.

Likened to Altered Carbon, they have removed the engine, Joel Kinnaman. From here on out the show will never be the same, It may still be an amazing show but it won't be the Altered Carbon we became to love. I hope the show continues on for a long time to come, however I remain wary, cautious and disappointed at the changes made. We will miss you Joel Kinnaman.