Guide: The Epic of The Exiled Knight

Guide: The Epic of The Exiled Knight

Scattered across Ossus are 4 Journals detailing the story of Don the Exiled Knight, finding them can be rather difficulty as they are hidden in obscure places, behind waterfalls and buried deep in shrubbery. By looking at the Ossus Legacy tab we are ale to see 4 journals.

Journal 1

Coordinates, x - 715 y - 190

Located in the Jedi Temple Ruins, slightly off the map.You will find it in the middle of 2 overturned alcohol bottles. Take a speeder from Ossus Farms to Jedi Temple, head up the staircase and inside the temple. 

Journal 2

Coordinates, x 355 y 31

Located next to a green food storage crate in Farms, It will be buried half inside a basket full of plants, resting just on the outer edge. The storage crate sits just to the left of a big red water silo

Journal 3

Coordinates, x 1031 Y -143

This one is found resting on a stone in a cave, in the Ancient Ruins. It sits between two rocks in a small pool of water. The entrance to the cave is located at X 1067 Y -270, it will be guarded by Scrambled Droids, a companion will make things easier.

Journal 4

Coordinates, x 984 Y 538

Journal 4 will be relatively easy to find, it's hidden in plain sight.  Located in the Ossus Canyons, it is hidden behind the furthest waterfall to the right when facing up stream. Upon entering the cave behind the waterfall you will see it lying next to some more upturned bottles.

Locating Don The Exiled Knight

Coordinates X 1318 Y 292

Upon collecting all 4 Journals you will receive a quest update, the final task will be to locate Don, The Exiled Knight. Don can be found sitting next to a tent and Campfire in Ossus Canyons, on the outer edge slightly down the cliff. Upon finding him your Legacy tab will update and register as having completed the task.