Contraband Slot Machine - Prize Statistics

Some of you, probably most of you will be wondering what this is. The Contraband Slot Machine is a very old decoration that was released in the Acolyte's Shadow Pack, around the time of the first Nar Shaddaa Night Life Event. Similar to the Slot Machines seen during the event these drop a variety of different items and rewards, however unsimilarly this Slot Machine is a Decoration and can be accessed outside of the event. They however are now incredibly rare and hard to find, often selling on the GTN for upwards of 150 Million.

In days gone the chances to receive rare items from the machine were much higher, however as of the past few years they have significantly dropped. If you do happen to stumble across one of the Contraband Sloe Machines, you'll probably be wondering how to use it and what exactly it drops. That's what this guide is here for, to go through statistics, drops and how to use.

Playing The Slots


The easiest way to find one of these machines is to either have the luxury of buying one or finding a friend/guild mate with one. Alternatively, ingame name Luucy on Star Forge Republic has a room setup and dedicated to farming these. Just hop into my discord and whisper me ingame for access. Once you've got access to a machine you'll need the currency used to play it. These are known as Contraband Cartel Chips and can be purchased from Decoration Vendor, Felucia Stato or Nelva Stato on the Republic/Imperial fleet. Found in the Strongholds & Crew Skills section of the fleet. Use these purchased chips to play the slot machine.

Nelva Stato
Middle Merchant

Contraband Cartel Chip

The Chips cost 750 Credits each and can easily and quickly rack up in price due to the large quantity needed, for purposes of testing drop rates I purchased around 300,000 for a total of 225 Million Credits. Please not that these are not perfect statistics but roundabout, very well estimated predictions based on testing. Drop rates to the right, shown below corespond on line with the item shown to the left. A total of 300,000 Contraband Cartel Chips was spend.

  • Contraband Cartel Chip (Refund)
  • Banned Holovids (Small Reputation Yield)
  • Prohibited Medical Supplies (Medium Reputation Yield)
  • Confiscated Artwork (Large Reputation Yield)
  • Scrap: Assorted Droid Parts
  • Scrap: Scavenged Scrap
  • Scrap: Jawa Junk
  • Cartel Market Certificate
  • [Unnamed Mount] Not Legacy Bound
  • 23% 
  • 20%
  • 15%
  • 6%
  • 0.5%
  • 0.4%
  • 0.1%
  • 0.09% (Average 1 per 4000 Chips Spent)
  • 0.05% (Average 1 per 50,000 Chips Spent)
  • Loss 34%

The rates of item drops change significantly, with the Unnamed Mount being the lowest. To see a successful yield, such as having the Unnamed Mount drop, it's recommended to purchase 50,000+ Chips. Despite the incredibly rare and costly price to play the machine, it remains the best way to earn reputation for Underworld Exchange. Aside from Reputation, the Unnamed Mount seen here is not found anywhere else in SWTOR and the Cartel Market Certificates  are only found here or in Cartel Packs.