Up to date as of SWTOR 5.10

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Red Amorphous Crystal

Green Amorphous Crystal

Blue Amorphous Crystal

Rubat Crystal

Lost Artifact Fragment


Red Igneous Crystal

Green Igneous Crystal

Blue Igneous Crystal

Nextor Crystal

Sacred Artifact Fragment

Red Opaque Crystal

Green Opaque Crystal

Blue Opaque Crystal

Nextor Crystal

Ancient Artifact Fragment

Red Solid Crystal

Green Solid Crystal

Blue Solid Crystal

Firkrann Crystal

Galactic Artifact Fragment

Red Lucent Crystal

Blue Lucent Crystal

Green Lucent Crystal

Damind Crystal

Hypertech Artifact Fragment

Red Polychromic Crystal

Green Polychromic Crystal

Blue Polychromic Crystal

Upari Crystal

Primeval Artifact Fragment

Red Diaphanous Crystal

Green Diaphanous Crystal

Blue Diaphanous Crystal

Carbonic Crystal

Primordial Artifact Fragment

Red Luminous Crystal

Green Luminous Crystal

Blue Luminous Crystal

Ruusan Crystal

Enigmatic Artifact Fragment

Gleaming Red Crystal

Gleaming Green Crystal

Gleaming Blue Crystal

Gleaming Phond Crystal

Gleaming Artifact Fragment

Iridescent Red Crystal

Iridescent Green Crystal

Iridescent Green Crystal

Iridescent Bondar Crystal

Iridescent Artifact Fragment

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