Ancient Threat

This secret achievement consists of multiple parts that must be done in order, to defeat the Ancient Threat you will need complete all steps, visit the Ancient Tome on Tatooine and have a group of 16 or more players. While following this process if you log out or change instances during phase 3 of the process you will lose all buffs and have to restart. 

Phase one can be bypassed if you just wish to collect the secret achievements shown below, however there are two achievements given upon defeating the Ancient Threat.

Phase 1 - Ancient Tome


Travel to Tatooine and head towards the Outlaws Den, this is found in Jundland of the Tatooine Map. Sitting on a small lone crate in  sunken area of the Outlaws Den will be an Ancient Tome. Activate this and then travel to Yavin 4

Outlaws Den (X 37, Y -875)

Phase 2 - Force Spirits


There is no particular order in which these 4 spirits have to be located, travel to all four spirits as shown below. They have a general travel path so if the exact coordinates do not result in anything, just travel up and down the path. If they still do not appear they may have been interacted with already, in this case changing phase could help

Achievement: Seeker of Forbidden Teachings

Coordinates X 1941, Y 296

Head to the coordinates shown above, in the Temple Ruins on Yavin 4 and wander around the outer path. A force ghost titled Sith Spirit will journey around the outer path. Interact with the force ghost to unlock the achievement.

Achievement: Dark Side Magician

Coordinates X 1650, Y 589

Go to the Temple Ruins on Yavin 4 and locate the square tomb in the centre of the map. A force ghost will be standing atop the middle section of the ruin. You will need to be position yourself close to the tomb in able to click the Sith Spirit.

- Assisted by SyncWolf

Achievement: Marked Spirit

Coordinates X 1744, Y 876

Go to the Temple Ruins on Yavin 4 and head inside the cave titled Architects Hollow. Inside this cave you will see a Force Spirit circling around the centre of the cave. Click the spirit to obtain the achievement

- Assisted by SyncWolf, DrevinaAccalia

Achievement: The Dashade's Master

Coordinates X 2621, Y 607

Travel to Yavin 4 and Quick Travel to Republic Forward Camp, from here head directly north and enter the cave in Verdant Swamp X 2732 Y 795. Upon entering the cave the force spirit will be found wandering around inside.

- Assisted by SyncWolf, DrevinaAccalia

Phase 3 - Talismans


Now that all four spirits have been located and buffs gotten, begin the next phase. Reminder that changing phase or logging out will result in the buffs being wiped. No particular order for collecting the Talismans is necessary.

Achievement: Talisman Collector

Yavin 4

Collect all Talismans, coordinates are shown below. You will need to travel right across most of the map, there are a total of 5 Talismans to collect. Upon collecting all 5 your legacy will update with the achievement Talisman Collector

Talisman 1
Temple Ruins (X 1794, Y 569)

Talisman 2
Training Grounds (X 2572, Y 363)

Talisman 3
Verdant Swamp (X 2803, Y 1138)

Talisman 4
Prowler's Trail (X 2882, Y 521)

Phase 4 - Ancient Threat WB


Upon collecting the previous 4 Talismans, head to the 5th and final Talisman. Note, it is not necessary to kill the Ancient Threat to obtain the Achievement, however there are two further achievements attached upon killing the WB. If you wish to succesfully defeat this boss, you will need a group of atleast 16 people, 3 healers, 3 tanks.

Talisman 5
Prowler's Trail (X 2354, Y 247)

Ancient Threat
World Boss

- Assisted by SyncWolf, DrevinaAccalia