Sharp Dresser

Sharp Dresser


One of the most rewarding and lengthy Achievements in the game, Sharp Dresser will take you on a journey across almost all planets found in SWTOR, on a hunt for a wide variety of different outfits. A great deal of these are rather simple and very easy to obtain, however 3-4 will quite possibly take months and months. Personally it took me over a year to earn the currency to purchase the last remaining outfits. 

This guide will go through each listed outfit in extensive detail, how to obtain them and all relevant information in order to complete this Achievement. Upon completion you will unlock the Legacy Title Sharp Dresser which can be found under the Legacy Window > Legacy > Possessions > Outfits. Outfits will be broken down into categories, based on a few factors such as time to collect and difficulty, the last part of the guide will be dedicated to the most difficult and time consuming outfits.

In order to advance in Social Tier, a requirement for most of the Outfits below you must level up through running group content, such as daily missions, flashpoints etc. The quickest and easiest way to advance in Social level is through the flashpoint Black Talon on Empire

Items shown in the Difficulty: Hard section of this guide are earned through completing Event missions. Specifically the Grey Helix Components for the Gree Event, Bounty Contracts for the Bounty Event and the Rakghoul DNA Canisters from the Rakghoul event. The best methods to farming the Canisters and the Components is from the event operations and heroic missions. For the Bounty Contracts simply completing a mission daily will be the optimal way. Lastly, for the Seeker Droid related armors, the drop chances are low and require hours of farming in order to obtain. Specific parts of the set can be found on different planets across the galaxy.

- For Empire Players, please refer to this guide. For Republic Players, please head Here



  • Balmorran Resistance Gear
  • Civilian Pilot Gear
  • CorSec Gear
  • Death's Claw Gear
  • Elegant Dress Gear
  • Hutt Cartel Armor
  • Imperial Containment Officer Gear (Empire Faction)
  • Prisoner's Gear
  • Sand People Bloodguard Gear
  • Sand People Gear
  • Republic Containment Officer Gear (Republic Faction)
  • Hailstorm Brotherhood Gear
  • Dreadseed Armor
  • Star Forager Gear
  • Slave Girl Outfit
  • Ulgo Noble Gear
  • Voss Mystic Gear

Difficulty: Easy


--- Balmorran Resistance Gear 

Visit Lieutenant Jin-Olori the Social Items Vendor in the Sunken Sarlacc Cantina in order to purchase the full outfit of the Balmorran Resistance Gear. This set will require Social Tier 2 or above

Jin-Olori, Social Items Vendor

Sunken Sarlacc Cantina, Balmorra
Coordinates (Map)
X -183 Y 1277

--- Civilian Pilot Gear

Visit S-1A0, Fleet Commendation Vendor on the outer ring of the Galactic Trade Market Sector of the Imperial Fleet. In order to be able to purchase the Outfit, you will need to have a total of 400 Fleet Commendations in order to purchase. To earn these, travel to your Personal Starship and access the Imperial Fleet Command terminal. For ease it is highly recommended to complete the easiest ranked missions on this board. Upon successful completion they will drop a quantity of Fleet Commendations, depending on the select mission. On average it should take around 20-30 missions to earn the required currency.

Imperial Fleet

S-1A0, Fleet Commendation Vendor

--- CorSec Gear

Locate Social Items Vendor, Officer Frezik in the Coronet spaceport on Corellia in order to purchase the CorSec Gear. In order to be able to purchase it you require Social Tier 6 or above.

Officer Frezik, Social Items Vendor

Corellia, Coronet Spaceport Coordinates (Map)
X -1
602 Y 1825

--- Death's Claw Gear

Travel to Taris and find Officer Sitost, Social Items Vendor. She is a Human found in Toxic Lake Garrison, Brell Sediment. She will be standing against a rack at the back of an open tent. In order to purchase this set you will need Social Tier 4 or above

Officer Sitost, Social Items Vendor

The Brell Sediment, Taris
Coordinates (Map)
X -10 Y 685

--- Elegant Dress Gear

Found on Dromund Kaas in the Nexus Room Cantina, is Social Items Vendor Major Kahyin. In order to purchase the Elegant Dress Gear you will need Social Tier 1 or above.

Major Kahyin, Social Items Vendor

Nexus Room Cantina, Dromund Kaas
Coordinates (Map)
X -306 Y -34

--- Hutt Cartel Armor

Purchased from Social Items Vendor, Saka'Tsesh. Found in the Imperial Officer's Cantina on Quesh. In order to purchase the Hutt Cartel Armor you require Social Tier 4 or above.

Saka'Tsesh, Social Items Vendor

Imperial Officer's Cantina, Quesh 
Coordinates (Map)
X 304 Y 1782

--- Prisoner's Gear

On Belsavis in the Imperial Lodgment - Command Center will be Gang Leader Troughlyn, the Social Items Vendor. In order to purchase this outfit you will require Social Tier 5 or above.

Gang Leader Troughlyn, Social Items Vendor
Imperial Lodgment, Belsavis
Coordinates (Map)
X 1678 Y 1723

--- Sand People Gear

Now is your chance to become a greatly feared Sand Person. Locate in Siltshift Cantina, Mos Ila on Tatooine, is the Social Items Vendor, Nozabuiba. In order to purchase the Sand People Gear you will need Social Tier 3 or above.

Nozabuiba, Social Items Vendor
Siltshift Cantina, Mos Ila, Tatooine
Coordinates (Map)
X 788 Y 3364

--- Hailstorm Brotherhood Gear

One of my favorite outfits in the entire game, Hailstorm Brotherhood Gear can be purchased through Social Items Vendor, Grady. Found in the Dorn Base Cantina on Hoth. In order to purchase this set you require Social Tier 4 or above

Grady, Social Items Vendor

Dorn Base - Command Center, Hoth
Coordinates (Map)
X -2638 Y 873

--- Slave Girl Outfit

In the Hutt busy planet of Nar Shaddaa is the Slave Girl Outfit, found at Social Items Vendor, Gandra. Gandra is standing next to a Dejarik table in the Cantina on the Lower Promenade. In order to purchase this outfit you require Social Tier 2 or above.

Gandra, Social Items Vendor

Lower Promenade, Nar Shaddaa
Coordinates (Map)
X -860 Y -671

--- Ulgo Noble Gear

Melos, Social Items Vendor will be located in the Courtyard outside of Thul Palace on Alderaan, found sitting at a table outside of the Cantina. In order to purchase this outfit, Social Tier 3 or above is required.

Melos, Social Items Vendor

Thul Palace Market, Kaamos Territory, Alderaan
Coordiantes (Map)
X 561 Y -1304

--- Voss Mystic Gear

In the Voss Cantina you can find Social Items Vendor, Sarannah. She will be standing near the door, just to the left side as you enter. To purchase this armor you will near Social Tier 5 or above

Sarannah, Social Items Vendor

Cantina, Voss-Ka, Voss.
Coordinates (Map)
X 211 Y -103

Difficulty: Hard


--- Sand People Bloodguard Gear

Starting off with the outfit that took me the longest to get, the Sand People Bloodguard Gear is purchase from Ambassador Jirrik on the Imperial Fleet. He is found in the Cartel Bazaar amongst the event vendors. In order to purchase this set you will need a total of 155 Rakghoul DNA Cannisters, 133 Bounty Contracts, 101 Gray Helix Components. Alternatively, you can purchase the most expensive part of the set, the Sand People Bloodguard Bodywrap and immediately refund it. If you equip or use the item it will bind permanently. If you are following this method you will need a total of 30 Rakghoul DNA Canisters, 26 Bounty Contracts, 20 Gray Helix Components

Ambassador Jirrik, Cartel Bazaar, Imperial Fleet

Sand People Bloodguard - Ambassador Jirrik

-- Imperial Containment Officer Gear

Head to the Imperial Fleet and travel into the Cartel Bazaar. Located among the event vendors will be Ambassador Jirrik, he will sell the Imperial Containment Officer Gear. The same method as above applies in order to earn the required currencies to purchase the set. The total set cost 110 Rakghoul DNA Canisters, 94 Bounty Contracts, 72 Gray Helix Components or 25 Rakghoul DNA Canisters, 21 Bounty Contracts, 16 Gray Helix Components if you wish use the purchase and refund method.

Ambassador Jirrik, Cartel Bazaar, Imperial Fleet

Imperial Containment Officer Gear - Ambassador Jirrik

-- Republic Containment Officer Gear

In order to obtain this outfit you will need a Republic Character. The Republic version of the Imperial Containment Officer Gear, purchased from Ambassador Ky'lee in the Cartel Bazaar of the Republic Fleet. The same vendor that sells the Sand People Bloodguard Gear. Costing 110 Rakghoul DNA Canisters, 94 Bounty Contracts, 72 Gray Helix Components for the entire set or 25 Rakghoul DNA Canisters, 21 Bounty Contracts, 16 Gray Helix Components if you wish use the purchase and refund method. The price of this set is the same as the Imperial version.

Ambassador Ky'lee, Cartel Bazaar - Republic Fleet

Republic Containment Officer Gear - Ambassador Ky'lee

-- Dreadseed Armor & Star Forager Gear

If you haven't lost your soul already, you're about to. These two armor sets are by far some of the trickiest and most lengthy sets to obtain, in the entire game. They are both part of level 50+ Seeker Droid missions that take you across almost all planets and require hours of searching per planet in order to dig up. For the sake of time I won't go into the details of the mission, only where to begin it and the planet locations to locate the gear, I will also only display one location to search for the gear per planet. The Seeker Droid Missions will have you using a deploy able item to dig through the ground

Locate the Drill Observation Ring on Makeb in order to pickup the mission, you'll find it on a small droid inside the circular building. Just to the right as you exit into the interior of the building. The droid is named Z1-3C with the tag Seeker Droid Missions.

Z1-3C, Seeker Droid Missions

Drill Control Center, Makeb
Coordinates (Map)
X -2425 Y 1680

Having picked up the mission, travel to the planets shown below and deploy the Seeker Droid in order to obtain the armor. Specific parts of the set can only be found on specific planets. Note, once you or anybody in the area has picked up one of the parts of either of the armor sets the area will deactivate. In order to continue searching it is recommended to change instances, through M > Lower Right >Change Instance Dropdown

Alderaan - Chest/BracersKing's Pass, Alderaan
Alderaan - Chest/Bracers
Coordinates (Map)
X 3030 Y 744
Tatooine - Gloves/HelmetThe Dune Sea, Tatooine

Tatooine - Gloves/HelmetCoordinates (Map)
X -841 Y -1700

Hoth - Belt/BootsGlacial Fissure, Hoth

Hoth - Belt/BootsCoordinates (Map)
X -639 Y -885

Makeb - Belt/BootsTelemur Mesa, Makeb

Makeb - Belt/BootsCoordinates (Map)
X -1475 Y -1592