A No Man's Sky Story

This story will be expanded upon daily

 #1 Awakening


The silence grew heavy, the only sound being the eerie harsh creaking of metal as an endless expanse of space grew beyond the thin layers of the Ferrite alloy wall and the inside of the space ship. A moan erupted from the void, breaking the deafening silence, a thick shadow suddenly growing against the wall as it disappeared into a dark mess of flesh and twisted metal. A visible humanoid appearance separating the lifeless environment from the now awakened traveller. Another moan escaped the now present figure, louder and more agonising that before. 

"Ugh, where am I" followed as the figure turned around, revealing it's severely damaged space suit helmet, a bright red liquid gleaming against the soft light, emanating from a distant location. The humanoid had no concept of beginnings or endings, the passing of time or the great dead void that stretched before them. Their mind plagued with one thought and one thought only, the undeniable instinct to find life, some form of living organic structure that could ease the pain of silence and perhaps give them a higher purpose. Looking around, the slither of light moved across the only visible part of their face, revealing a pale white complexion, two dark brown eyes peered out from beyond the agonising moans. 

The figure began to move more now, it's head tilting down as its eyes fell upon a strange device held firm within it's hand, a faintly etched word inscribed into the side of the device, reading "Progenitor, C-Class Multitool". The Multitool became more visible now as the figure raised it's hand, holding the strange object as if it was some kind of weapon. To complement the lifeless environment the Multitool flickered, a faint blue LED beam of light appearing on the wall across from the figure. The purpose of this device suddenly becoming known as a sudden blue flash shot from the end of the Multitool. Almost as suddenly as the flash a gaping hole appeared, now removing the metal barrier as a thick force acted on the figure. Drawing it suddenly closer to the void of space, the mistake instantly becoming known to the figure as it's body lifted from the ground, flying with great force towards the hole into the abyss.

Consciousness slipping from it's mind as it's fate seemed inevitable, as if it's brief life was snuffed out by the simplest of mistakes, a loud thud exploded from the environment as the figure's consciousness became absent.